How to Install Windows 10 Apps to an SD Card or USB Drive

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These days, you can buy a low-cost Windows 10 laptop with as little as 32GB of internal storage. Fortunately, large games and other apps from the Windows Store don't have to take up precious storage space on your computer. With Windows 10 you can install apps to a separate drive, such as an SD card or USB Flash drive. Here's how to install or move Windows apps to a different drive.

How to Make Windows Install Apps to an SD Drive or Other Drive

In the steps below, we'll change where any new apps you install will be saved.

1. Insert an SD card, USB drive, or other external storage device that will be your new default location for installed apps.

app sd card

2. Open Settings from the Start Menu.


3. Click on System.

system4. Click on Storage in the left menu. You should see your SD card or other drive listed along with your internal drive.


5. Select your SD card or other drive in the "New apps will save to" option under Save locations.

save to new drive

6. Click Apply.

Any new apps you install from the Windows Store will be saved to your selected drive, keeping your internal storage space free for other things. Note that if you remove or disconnect the drive from your computer, the apps won't work. You'll have to reconnect the drive to use the apps.

How to Move Apps to a Different Drive

What about apps you've already installed? Luckily, there's a way to get them off your internal drive and onto a different one.

1. Navigate to Settings > System > Apps & features.

2. Select the app to move and click Move.

move app3. Click Move after verifying the drive you want to move the app to.

move app2

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  • John Akakpo-Dotsey Says:

    i want install windows on sd card

  • the lone WAHnderer Says:

    this helped me so much thanks!

  • John Mitchell Says:

    When trying to use another drive to install apps etc only one drive displays as an alternative even though I have two other USB drives plus an SD card (which is the one I want to use as a permanent 2nd drive (the SD card shows up in Windows Explorer). Running Windows 10 Home on Hp laptop with 32Gb hard drive.

    Can this be fixed?



  • sue murphy Says:

    Ive got same problem I have rebooted tablet 4 times to try and solve it formatted card mounted card etc etc nothing worked

  • Preston Odenbrett Says:

    I can't get this to work- Any new apps you install from the Windows Store will be saved to your selected drive, keeping your internal storage space free for other things. - it shows my drive but does not automatically go there when connected to the Store- I have no option

  • judith england Says:

    this doesn't work for me either. i have an HP streaming 13 and and an sd card. like others who reported the box to save things to the sd card is greyed out. anyone have a workaround?

  • Chaoss Pierce Says:

    Do it on a mac, doesn't work on Windows 10

  • David Albert Says:

    Does not work, option to save Apps to SD is greyed out with up-to-date Windows 10

  • Hoose Says:

    Worked well for me. Thank you!

  • Frank Says:

    I have the same problem. Windows 10 has this optioned greyed out for me and it only gives me the option to uninstall, not move

  • Stanly Says:

    What version of win 10 has this option? My version Storage location is grayed out.

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