Fujitsu's Newest Laptops Are the Lightest on the Market

Fujitsu is releasing new lines of laptops for both the consumer and business markets, and some are the thinnest we've seen in a long time.

The LifeBook U937/P is a business notebook that weighs just 1.76 pounds, and the Lifebook H75/B1 is a mainstream model that's only 1.72 pounds. Yes, both of those model names have slashes in them.

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We've seen light laptops before (the Lenovo LaVie Z weighed a mere 1.8 pounds), but these may be the lightest. Chances are that we'll have to lust after them from afar, though, as Fujitsu tends to only sell its notebooks in Japan.

 The UH75/B1 uses a Core i5 Kaby Lake CPU, HDMI, three USB ports (one of which is Type-C), HDMI and Ethernet ports. The U937P has similar specs but uses a heavier magnesium chassis. Both are 0.6-inches thick.

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