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How to Edit Images in Apple Photos

Apple Photos is primarily a place to organize images, but it also packs some basic image editing tools that can come in handy. Here's how to make the most of your snapshots.

1. Double-click on an image.

2. Click Edit in the top right corner not the menu bar.

3. Click Enhance to use Apple's presets to brighten and balance the image.

4. Click the Crop icon and you can edit out sections of a photo and change its aspect ratio.

5. Click the Filters button and you can apply a series of color- and contrast-based filters to your image. Tonal is a neat black and white filter.

6. Click the Adjust button and you get sliders to adjust light, color and monochromatic levels.

7. Click Retouch and you gain a tool that will remove small details, blending them with the space around it. Move the Size slider up and down to change the size of the Retouch tool, and Click on the photo to use the tool.

You've used Retouch to edit a blemish out of an Apple Photo.

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