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Did Apple Employee Pose as Cop to Find Lost iPhone Prototype? (Update: SFPD Says It Helped)

The case of the missing iPhone 5 is  getting more interesting by the day. Today, SF Weekly published an interview with a San Fransisco, C.A., man who alleges that six people claiming to be from the San Fransisco Police Department questioned him and searched his home in July for an iPhone 5 prototype reportedly lost at a bar earlier that month. The man, 22-year-old Sergio Calderon, explained in the interview that he went to SF Weekly because he believes he is the man referenced in a piece CNET published earlier this week that made the original claim of a missing iPhone 5 public.

Get all the details below.

That man was described in the CNET article by a source close to the investigation into the missing phone as being in his twenties and having been at the bar on the night the phone allegedly went missing. The CNET article goes on to indicate that both San Fransisco Police and representatives from Apple visited the man in an attempt to get the iPhone from him.

But in the SF Weekly interview, Calderon says the individuals who questioned him never identified themselves as Apple representatives, and instead said they were with the San Fransisco Police Department. Calderon said he allowed the individuals to search his home, car, and computer, and when the iPhone didn't turn up, one of them offered him $300 for the it. Calderon also claims that the individuals threatened him during the search.

Here's where SF Weekly's report gets even more interesting. Calderon said that after their unsuccessful search, one of the alleged officers, who identified himself as Tony, gave Calderon a phone number and told Calderon to call him if he had any more information about the phone.

SF Weekly called the number provided to Calderon and claims a man by the name of Anthony Colon, answered and confirmed that he was an Apple employee, but refused to make any further comments. SF Weekly said they then found a public profile on LinkedIn for Colon that indicated he was a former San Jose Police sergeant and was employed as a senior investigator with Apple. That profile has since been taken down.

For its part, the SFPD initially said it had no knowledge or records of a search taking place at Calderon's home, but then it told SF Weekly that police assisted Apple investigators. Lt. Troy Dangerfield told the outlet that "three or four" officers accompanied two Apple security officials. However, apparently only the Apple employees went inside Calderon's home to search for the lost prototype; the plainclothes officers remained outside.

We'll keep you posted on any updates to this increasingly bizarre story.

 via SF Weekly, CNET