How to Change the Target Folder in Windows 10 File Explorer

If you have to find or copy files in Windows 10, you'll find yourself in File Explorer, browsing through folders. By default, File Explorer opens to show Quick Access, a list of your favorite and most recently used folders and files. But what if you want to change the target folder it opens to? Here's how.

1. Right click the File Explorer icon in the taskbar and select Unpin from taskbar. If you don't have this icon in your taskbar, you can skip this step.

2. Search for explorer.exe in the Cortana / Search box.

3. Right click the explorer.exe icon in results and select Open file location.

A window opens with the explorer.exe file selected. It is probably located in the C:\Windows directory.

4. Right click on the explorer.exe file in the window and select Create shortcut.

5. Click Yes when prompted to put the shortcut on the desktop.

A shortcut appears on the desktop.

6. Right click on the new explorer.exe shortcut and select Properties.

7. Enter the path to your desired folder in the Target field, right after the "C:\Windows\explorer.exe." and click Ok.

8. Drag the explorer.exe icon onto the taskbar to pin it there.

From now on, clicking the File Explorer icon in your taskbar will take you to the folder you designated. However, if you open File Explorer some other way -- by clicking Windows Key + E, for example -- you'll still end up at the Quick Access list.

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