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Apple Remains King of Smartphone Market as Android Dominates Platform Share

Surprising to no one, a recent report issued by analytics firm comScore has confirmed that, while Apple dominates the handset market, Android continues its reign as the most prolific smartphone platform. Using its MobiLens online survey, comScore found that, between June and September 2013, Apple's share of the smartphone market inched upward from 39.9 percent to 40.6 percent. (Thanks in no small part to the iPhone 5s release.) With Android being the operating system of choice for several handset makers, things are a little more complicated for Google's platform.

Samsung takes second place in the smartphone race, with 24.9 percent of the market after a 1.2 percent jump from June's 23.7 percent. HTC maintains its third spot only thanks to a small dip in Motorola's piece of the pie. The Moto X creator dropped from 7.2 percent share in June to 6.8 percent in September, while HTC suffered a steep 1.4 percent fall from 8.5 percent market share. Trailing the rest is LG, with a steady 6.6 percent.

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Google rules the roost on the platform front. Given that Android is available on most non-iPhone smartphones, it'd be more surprising if this weren't the case. With its OEM-dependent approach, Google is playing the long game with Android, relying more heavily on its Google Play Store revenue cut and other sources of income -- like display and search advertising -- than Apple is with its App Store.

Speaking of which, Blackberry follows Apple (40.6 percent) in a distant third with 3.8 percent of the market after a fall from 4.4 percent in June. At this rate, Microsoft could take third place come 2014 with 3.3 percent as of September, thanks to a 0.2 percent jump over three months. It will be interesting to see how Google takes advantage of its ubiquity in the handset market in the coming months and years. We'd start with that nasty fragmentation issue.

Source: comScore