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Apple iOS 7 Beta Reveals In-Car AirPlay Functionality

Apple revealed the third edition of its iOS 7 beta, and the update included some interesting tidbits about the company's iOS in the Car initiative. According to a screenshot posted to developer Hamza Sood's Twitter, Apple is going to bring AirPlay into the car, allowing users to wirelessly connect iPhones to a vehicle's infotainment system via Wi-Fi.

The screenshot, which shows settings for iOS in the Car over USB, iOS in the Car over WiFi and iAP over WiFi, gives users the option to connect their handset via USB or Wi-Fi. Generally, vehicle manufacturers use Bluetooth connectivity to stream music from a user's smartphone to their car's infotainment system. Unfortunately, Bluetooth's bandwidth is rather small, meaning users can only stream relatively small amounts of data.

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With AirPlay, Apple is giving users the ability to not only stream music, but take messages, make phone calls, use the navigation app take advantage of Siri Eyes Free mode and more. Apple is already working with a host of automakers around in an attempt to bring iOS to the road including Audi, BMW, Chryslter, Ferrari, Jaguar, General Motors, Land Rover, Mercedes and Toyota. 

As we previously prognosticated, AirPlay could serve as a Trojan horse, ensuring users can access apps from the road. Using AirPlay in the car would also mean that app makers would no longer have to develop apps specific for a automaker's infotainment system, and can instead focus on making apps that work well on iOS devices.

via: Hamza Sood