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Apple's Healthbook App Leaked: 7 Things You Need to Know

Among the many rumored features for Apple's upcoming iOS 8 is Healthbook-- The company's first major foray into the world of in-depth health and fitness tracking. While this app provides common statistics such as heart rate and calories burned, it takes things a step further by measuring your sleep, blood sugar and even your hydration level when you're in the middle of an intense workout.

Healthbook will likely be a key selling point of the iPhone 6, which will also reportedly be able to monitor the humidity and temperature. Based on a very detailed report from 9 to 5 Mac, here's what we think we know so far about Apple's extensive fitness application, which should land on your iPhone this year. 

User Interface

Based on the leaked screenshots we've seen, Healthbook has a Passbook-esque interface that lists all of its features, such as Bloodwork and Nutrition, within a series of colorful horizontal tabs. You can rearrange these tabs to your liking, whether you're more interested in sleep tracking or want to have workout-minded features at the top of your screen. Tapping any of Healthbook's tabs brings up an extended view of your chosen category.

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Healthbook Can Tell You When to Hydrate

One of Healthbook's most unique features is the ability to measure your hydration levels. While we're not sure how this will be achieved, hydration tracking should prove useful for pro athletes that want to gauge how many fluids they should drink for a given workout. Healthbook will also measure a user's respiratory rate, a statistic that will also likely require an external accessory.

Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Sleep

You'll be able to use Healthbook to track your heart rate and blood pressure. The iPhone's camera can measure the former, though we don't know how the app will gauge the latter. According to 9 to 5 Mac, Healthbook will measure blood pressure in diastolic (minimum) and systolic (peak) forms.

Apple is also trying its hand at sleep tracking with Healthbook, which based on some leaked screens will measure a user's total sleep time as well as the amount of sound sleep, light sleep and time in bed. 

A Doctor in Your Pocket

In addition to tracking these common health statistics, Healthbook is launching with an extensive list of in-depth blood tracking features.  Details are scarce on the app's Bloodwork tab, though its possible that users will be able to access their blood records digitally rather than have them mailed from their doctor's office. Healthbook also features a tab for Oxygen Saturation, which is the ratio of your current blood oxygen to how much oxygen your bloodstream can handle. This feature likely comes from Apple's hiring of Dr. Michael O' Reilly, who specializes in technology that can measure this statistic.

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Healthbook can track your blood sugar levels, a feature can aid the ever-growing percentage of people living with diabetes. There are already a bevy of blood sugar apps currently on the App Store, which guide users managing their blood sugar via third-party accessories or simpler means such as meal tracking.

Digital Emergency Cards

Another useful feature of Healthbook is Emergency Card, which allows you to enter crucial information such as name, date of birth, blood type and organ donor status. If a user were to faint or have an accident, someone standing by could pull up Healthbook from that person's iPhone and get the information necessary to bring them to safety. As pointed out by 9 to 5 Mac, this feature would only be truly useful if it could be accessed from the iPhone's lock screen.

Working with iWatch and Other Accessories

With Apple's purported iWatch expected to get a reveal in the near future, it seems to be a no-brainer that the upcoming wearable will support Healthbook. iWatch could potentially track some of the Healthbook statistics that can't be measured by your iPhone's motion co-processor, such as blood pressure. 

Given Healthbook's feature set, it would make sense for the app to be compatible with popular third-party fitness trackers like the Fitbit Force and Fitbug Orb. 

When To Expect Healthbook

Healthbook could make its debut alongside Apple's iOS 8 software update, which may be revealed at WWDC 2014 in June. Apple CEO Tim Cook has previously stated that the company will enter a new product category this year, which means that fitness fans may be able to look forward both Healthbook and iWatch launching together in 2014.

Apple's App Store is filled to the brim with apps that can track your workout, sleep and overall health, but Healthbook is shaping up to be a convenient hub for users who want to see all of that information in one place. 

Source: 9 to 5 Mac