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Americans Say Apple Has Brighter Future than Facebook, Google

The majority of Americans believe that Apple is the high-tech company with the brightest future, according to a new poll.

They survey by Poll Position – which asked 1,066 registered U.S. voters over the phone which company among Apple, Facebook and Google was poised for the most success – found that Apple received more votes than Google and Facebook combined. The margin of error for the survey is three percent.   

About 43 percent of respondents said Apple has the brightest future, compared to Google (26 percent) and Facebook (10 percent). About 21 percent expressed no opinion.

Young participants ages 18 to 29 overwhelmingly showed their support for Apple, as well. About half of the young demographic (55.2 percent) said they believe Apple has the brightest future compared to Google (16.8 percent) and Facebook (15.2 percent).

Apple was also the clear winner among all political parties, with Republicans (50.7 percent) having the most faith in the company’s success. About 43 percent of Independent voters and 37.6 percent of Democrats said Apple is more likely than Google and Facebook to have a strong future.