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Shopping for a tablet can be a confusing experience. Do you buy the iPad, an Android competitor or a powerful Windows 8 slate? Check out our reviews of the best tablets of 2015 and our tablet buying guide to compare models and find the right slate for your needs.

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Toshiba Excite Pro Review

Toshiba's high-end Excite Pro delivers zippy Tegra 4 performance and a Retina-like display, but it still trails more feature-rich competitors in terms of design and battery life.

Tapose for iOS Review

We review Tapose for iOS, a app that lets you collect web clippings, maps, business cards, and images.

LogMeIn Ignition Review

LogMeIn Ignition is an affordable alternative to GoToMyPC that lets you stream audio as well as video, but its overall performance isn't as smooth.

App Appraisal: ThinkFun's Rush Hour for iOS and Android

Rush Hour is a fun game that engages your brain just enough to be difficult, but doesn't tax you so much in the beginning that you get frustrated. Actually, it's pretty addictive, especially on the easy levels.

DataViz Documents to Go Premium Office Suite Review

This office suite for the iPad includes an excellent word processor, but we don't recommend it for creating presentations.

25 Best iPad Apps

What makes the iPad special isn't just its large multitouch display, or the fact that it can run for nearly 10 hours on a charge. It's the vast array of apps (more than 4,000 and counting) available i...

Top iPad Apps for Offline Use

The iPad is at its best when you're online, but what if a Wi-Fi hotspot isn't available? Sure, you can still read iBooks, play most games, compose (but not send) e-mails, and use iWork, but what about...