Best Tablets Under $200

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Getting a tablet for less than $200 used to mean lowering your expectations. Not anymore. Today's budget slates deliver sharp and bright full HD displays, long battery life and quad-core processors powerful enough to play the latest games. If you're willing to live with less-than-HD resolution, Amazon now offers a $50 7-inch Fire tablet. Evaluating based on design, screen quality, performance and included software, we review all the latest tablets from the biggest brands to determine which ones belong on our best list. You can buy these Android-powered devices with confidence.

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  • Hector Says:

    Am looking for a inexpensive tablet por pastor sermons, power points And worship music use vía bluetoot

  • Timothy Says:

    The $199 Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 should be added to this list. It would easily beat the performance of any of the others. It has a nice screen, great speakers and a minimally polluted Android OS.

  • John S Says:

    The Kindle is a steal. If you don't like the launcher (I hated it), it takes about 5 minutes to root it and install the launcher of your choice, along with the play store and the rest of the google apps.

  • Martin Says:

    Lost all credibility when you listed the Amazon Fire. That launcher gave me cancer, both cameras are 15 years old late and the app store is absolute crap.

  • Maryanne Says:

    good one, any more cheap samsung tablets available. It's for a 21st birthday. I'm from Samoa in the pacific island

    Kind Regards

  • Vikram Goyal Says:

    I needed 200 tabs with lowest price pls send details and price in Indian rs

  • Goitsione Says:

    I'm looking for 10" Tablet affordable I really need it can u do something for me?

  • Fielfer Says:

    Hi I am looking for a good tablet 10 to 11 I got tire of my iPad, can you people please give an advice, I don't have to much money it's for my classes, thank you very much..

  • Tom B Says:

    Margie, if you're still looking for a tablet it's most common to recommend an iPad since its easy to use and its the device most of the doctors are more familiar with. It's not a good value compared to Android tablets but may be worth the extra investment for the two reasons mentioned above.

  • margie Says:

    hello, I am looking for a donation of a 9" or a 10" tablet for a fiend, who spends a lot of their time in a power chair because of a disease called PROGRESSIVE IDIOPATHIC POLYNEUROPATHY, and has COP, and has COPD and has had 2 heart attacks, and has a, DCS implant for nerve damage from breaking his back he is 61 years old and needs some thing to carry around from the DR.s office and hospitals and home. if you could help me please let me know. Thank you margie

  • peggysue Says:

    Beware the Amazon Fire HD 7. If your model is defective they will replace it with a refurbished tablet. Customer service is an Indian call center with all that implies.

  • Juan A Corral Says:

    I'm looking for a 10' tablet affordable, what can you tell me about Visual Land and Hipstreet? Who has a better prouct?

  • Juan A Corral Says:

    I'm looking for a 10' tablet affordable, what can you tell me about Visual Land and Hipstreet? Who has a better prouct

  • Pete Says:

    Good contenders, but I recommend looking closely at top end 2014 models that have been slashed in price. The Samsung Tab Pro 8.4 is widely available for $199, and simply leaves these tablets in the dust with a Snapdragon 800 (2.3ghz) cpu, excellent/bright 2500x1600 screen, 2gb ram, in a nice 8.4" format. In fact, not a fair comparison as this was a $399 tablet a year ago. That is a whole lot of tablet for $200.

  • Peter Says:

    I think RecPad is better than those tablets. You can take a look at RecPad is an affordable yet powerful tablet offers consumers the best value.

  • Pat Roedel Says:

    I bought an LG tablet but returned it the same day as their "help desk" was helpless. They could not even help me with set up. It was an awful experience!!

  • James Says:

    Is anyone selling a Linux based tablet?

    If not, are there tablets (hardware) available with no operating system that Ubuntu tablet OS can be installed?

    I build Raspberry Pi robots and I would like a Linux based tablet to control/communicate with the PiBot.

    Thank you for any advice you may provide.

  • M Says:

    I'd recommend taking a look at the Lenovo S8-50. For the specs at $170 on their website, it definitely seems like it belongs.

  • Simit Shah Says:

    i am dealing in mobile phones, tablets & Laptops in ahmedabad city of india. so please let me know your best deal tablets, mobile phones & laptops to my mail address. i want to buy tablet from USA. MAKE DELL, SAMSUNG,LG, LENOVO, ASUS.

  • Uta Says:

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  • vince Says:

    tell me when new i phones come out and tablets

  • jessmurray Says:

    New Tablets in December 2014

    Tab le t M a x x -- offers some Great Holiday Deals on new Tablets with a half of dozen new models released this month all priced around $200 and offering the latest specs and premium features --

    A few superdeals are also available including the 7-inch Venus Android tablet ($69) which offers a quad core processor and HD screen.

  • grady harmon Says:

    What about the Nivdia note 7???? more performance &amp; better screen than most you listed.

  • bonnie lawarance Says:

    im specifically looking for samsung galaxy note 8.0 only

  • Joe Says:

    The T-Roid708A is a 7-inch tablet for under $200 that also offers extraordinary quality and exceptional value. And as a bonus, it runs the Android 4.2.2. Jelly Bean operating system!

    Other features are quad core processors and 1GB RAM which offer super fast performance and reliability, and razor sharp images and high definition graphics that brings movies and games to life.

    For more info on this tablet and other quality tablets sold cheap, visit

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