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In last year's Tech Support Showdown, Asus took a nosedive from previous years, coming in at a barely passable 78.25 overall. This year, the company's performance improved quite a bit, even though its online service still leaves something to be desired. Asus representatives were helpful and thorough, and the phone lines are mercifully free of employees hawking additional services. But if you're searching for online help with an Asus laptop, you may just want to search forums instead.

To test Asus customer service, I used a ZenBook Pro UX501J running Windows 10. I asked one question about software ("How do I get 'Hey, Cortana' up and running?"), one about hardware ("How do I reverse the scrolling direction on my touchpad?") and one specific to Asus products ("How do I use Asus WebStorage?"). The results were encouraging on the phone, but less so online.

Web and Social Support

Asus features a fairly straightforward support website, but while it's easy to use, it's not always that informative. You can either browse through FAQs (at the time of writing, there are more than 400) by applying a filter such as "Firmware" or "Asus software," or just type in your topic and search for it.

asus support cortanaMy results were decidedly mixed. Searching "Cortana" yielded two pages of irrelevant results, mostly about troubleshooting Windows 10. ("Hey, Cortana" does not generate any results at all, which is why I tried the more generic term.) I attempted every variation on "reverse touchpad" (or "invert scrolling") I could think of, and found nothing at all. Only my WebStorage query yielded a positive outcome on the website, and I couldn't even find a basic tutorial until the second page of results. The tutorial was, however, straightforward, informative and easy to navigate.

asus tech support twitterFrom there, I decided to give social media a whirl. Asus was responsive, but the process was much more complicated than it had to be. Asus has an active Twitter presence (@ASUS), so I tweeted my Cortana question. I received a reply within an hour, which gave me an email address and instructed me to address my inquiry there.

cortana emailI followed instructions dutifully and received a response via email in about an hour and a half. The answer from the Asus Social team was both concise and informative, and involved too many instructions to comfortably fit into a tweet. While having to send an email after tweeting was slightly annoying, it was a fair trade-off for getting a smart answer without having to wait too long.

asus tech support facebookThe Facebook presence for Asus was much more problematic. I visited the company's Facebook page, hoping to post my question about touchpad scrolling on the wall, but the page had no public wall. Instead, I had to sift through a page of Asus regional pages (North America is listed 27th) to find a site where I could post.

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From here, I posted my inquiry about how to reverse my touchpad. The response from the Asus North America team was short, simple and straightforward, although it didn't arrive right away; the team took about 2 hours to respond.

I am not sure how many users will find their regional site, given how hard they will have to look, so I attempted my question from the Asus global page as well. I clicked on the "Support and Troubleshooting" tab, which led me to a stripped-down version of the Asus Support site. From here, I emailed the company again, this time by filling out a form. It took about 7 hours to receive a reply, and that reply guided me only halfway through my question. While the representative, Vivi, told me the right software package to download, she didn't inform me how to actually modify my scrolling settings.

asus chat supportFinally, I tried Asus Live Chat, and the response was satisfactory, if not overly hasty. I logged into live chat at 12:16 p.m. EDT to ask how to activate WebStorage. I had previously gone through this process myself, and set it up in about 3 minutes. Working with my Live Chat guide, Carl, it took 17 minutes to go through the very simple process of verifying an email address and signing into the program.

Phone Support

I had a much better experience with Asus on the telephone, although it wasn't nearly as fast as it could have been. First, I called Asus at 4:40 p.m. EDT on a Tuesday. I had to navigate through an automated menu to reach a real person, which took about a minute, and a rep picked up within 30 seconds. I asked the rep, Raxton, who was located in the Caribbean, how to get "Hey, Cortana" set up on my computer. After taking down my name, phone number and computer's serial number, Raxton had to confer with her co-worker, which meant a few minutes on hold for me. Then she walked me through the process in a straightforward and accurate manner. All told, the call took 14 minutes and 29 seconds: a long time, to be sure, but most of the time was spent talking to a person, and it was much quicker than sending an email and waiting for a response.

asus-tss15_pq_conciselyI attempted my second call outside of normal business hours, at 8 a.m. EDT on a Wednesday. This time, Ricardo from the Caribbean picked up, and I asked him how to adjust the scrolling direction on my laptop. We encountered some problems during the process (one of my touchpad options did not show up on the Control Panel as it was supposed to). But he recommended an alternate path (which turned out to be the same thing the social team recommended) and helped me set up a two-finger gesture with Asus-specific software. All told, the call took 13 minutes and 49 seconds.

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Finally, I called Asus one last time, at 12:30 p.m. EDT on a Wednesday, to ask how to set up WebStorage. This time, after a 2-minute wait on hold, I spoke with a man named Marlon, located in Jamaica. He accurately walked me through the entire process of setting up WebStorage and even gave me some tips on how to use the feature afterward. The call took 9 minutes and 51 seconds, much longer than it took me to set up WebStorage on my own, but much shorter than trying to use the Asus live chat.

Based on the relatively long time I spent on each phone call, I imagine it's possible for Asus employees to explain their fixes more concisely. On each call, we also spent a lot of time establishing name, location and serial number. One of the main reasons the third call was shorter was because by this time, I had an existing case number that I could cite rather than doing the whole thing from scratch.

Bottom Line

While contacting Asus tech support via social media is a crapshoot in terms of answer quality, the company is extremely responsive and somewhat timely. Phone support fared much better, with short wait times, helpful representatives and smart solutions. Last year, the company received a 35.63 for Web support and a 30.63 for phone support. This year, Web support remains the same, but the phone support gets a significant upgrade, to 35.5. It's not perfect, but it's a big step in the right direction.

Tech Support Showdown

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  • Danny Says:

    Used toilet paper is more valuable than ASUS's warranty. If you value your money and sanity, avoid ASUS!

  • Debra Says:

    We bought 3 computers from Asus in the last few years. All 3 had problems within the first year.

    The 2 laptops we bought for our kids to use in college both need repairs. I called 'customer service' in Oct., 2016, and received an RMA for one of the laptops and was told it was under warranty. I spoke with an Asus representative that said I could send it in in Dec, 2016. She (Denyse) told me that it was all set up to be sent in under warranty and to call in Dec to get a shipping label. I have a confirmation email with the RMA number from Asus. When I called Dec. 6th, the Asus representative (Everton) told me it isn't under warranty any longer but I had a grace period of 60 days from the RMA to get it sent in. The next Asus rep that I spoke to said it is not even in the grace period. The 2nd laptop stopped working in early Nov., 2016. My daughter called Asus and the Asus representative told my daughter that the laptop was under warranty. He told her to try some troubleshooting before sending it in. So she, in good faith, worked with computer tech people at her university to trouble shoot. They determined it was the hardware. When I called on Dec. 6th, 2016, after doing what Asus advised (and wasting my daughter's time), the Asus rep told me that it wasn't under warranty. (He said it ended Nov. 30th--neither of the reps we spoke to about the laptops that told us they were under warranty told us this even though they advised us to call back in Dec/later)

    BOTH laptops broke down within the first year (one of them twice--had already been sent in for repair and the same problem occurred within months of return), we called the customer service number and were told that both computers were under warranty,-- we did what the Asus representatives told us to do and then were told that they weren't under warranty after following Asus reps directions. Asus has record of our calls when we were told they were under warranty but will still not honor the warranty.

    I have spent literally 9 hours over several calls trying to get this resolved--not including writing this review. I spent most of that time on hold. I spoke with a manager, Mario, also Alan, Tim, and level 3 manager, Tisha, in the Customer Care unit. Was hung up on by Alan when he was transferring me after 4 hours into the call on Dec. 6th. I spoke with Julie in the Out of Warranty department who said she would look into this and get back to me--she did NOT. Every Asus representative that said they would get back to me did NOT. Then I would spend more time trying to get a hold of them again.

    When speaking with Tim in the Customer Care unit today he said that Denyse from Asus made a mistake when she told me I could send the laptop in in Dec. Any fair minded person, or customer service rep would/should honor what the Asus rep told the customer, even if they 'made a mistake'. When I discussed that with Tim he said, "if Asus covered every mistake that an Asus rep made then we would be out of business". What??! Clearly Asus doesn't care about honoring their agreements, respecting their customers, keeping their customers, and backing their representatives. I asked how a customer is to know which Asus representative knows what they're doing. If each Asus representative says something different, how is the customer supposed to know what to believe or what to do? Tim from Asus said that Denyse from Asus is only a level one rep, so she made a mistake. Again, what??? How is a customer supposed to know who is level one and if they are doing their job properly?

    Asus computers do not last long and their customer service reps are terrible. Asus does not care about their customers. I will NEVER buy another Asus computer again. I would advise the same to everyone else.

  • Andretta Owens Says:

    My laptop is just a little over a year old I had to send it out to get repaired the screen went blank and there was no response to the laptop send it out they made some repairs and adjustments they sent it back two months later the screen is blank again I believe it's all due to the motherboard and this laptop cost about $400 now I'm going to send it out again and it's the motherboard going to burn out again or can I get me a new computer or better yet my money returned so that I can go buy a Dell or apple or something that's more workable

  • Panos Says:

    Hello! I would like to complain because greek asus support didn't help me with my problem...My problem is that my asus n552vx gets freezes(no drop fps) in games at my hard disk but at my ssd all games run perfectly...furthermore i have freezes in videos in youtube and greek asus support didn't solve my problem because they said to me that i had no problem with my notebook. They couldn't find the problem so they said that i had no problem and i have proof with videos which are showing the freezes. This demeanour is irresponsible and i am dissapointed!!!

  • Douglas Honeycutt Says:

    I have an ASUS laptop computer that is only two years old. I turned it off last night as usual, but when I turned it back on this morning it gives a hibernating sign once the screen comes up. I have hit escape; control/alt/delete & nothing works. Please advise. Thanks,

  • Alwin Says:

    I have a query related to my Acer laptop. Its was working fine before one or two days before.But now when the power button is pressed its not turned on. I called the online support.They had mentioned to press with a pin in a hole at its battery related area. Now its turned on only after pressing with a pin...
    How can i resolve this issue?
    Kindly help me asap

  • Paul Snom Says:

    in North America we have a wonderful thing called small claims court... the beautiful thing about it is you may take a small risk +/- $100 but it will cost the company much more to send some junior representative to represent the company... I don't know why more people don't use this option when companies purposely choose to give there customers lousy service. If you have a reasonable case you will probably win + court costs.

  • Mounika Says:

    When i was using my ASUS laptop while it was charging it suddenly gave a small sound and turned off it's not switching on till now this happened 3 days earlier I thought irs a problem with charger so i asked my friend chrger and tried to switch it on but it's not responding please suggest me something i need work on my laptop

  • kay123 Says:

    my disk space of 32 GB emmc was changed to 16 GB emmc after taking it to ASUS to fix my windows problems.I couldn't make any complains because I saw that after 5days later.Im really disappointed and Im never going to use any asus product in my life again

  • Nilay Bhatt Says:

    i had bought asus G73jh gaming laptop for 1 lakh rupees and within lik 6 months its speaker got bad and damaged later few months its keyboard keys started working touch pad was worse since the 2nd or 3 month of use battery always had to be pluged and used withing a month its battery deteriorated
    and within a year its ram was also affected
    worst laptop experience ever
    never going to buy asus product again still seeing its new gaming laptop seeing the specs think of buying it but having such bad experience don't buy it
    many times specs are good but the performance is bad as we can see in many products nowadays

  • Omkar Dhillon Says:

    I bought this new Notebook on 14th April and within an week the keyboard is not responding, made an complain and I say the Call centre didn't not reply satisfaction. I am helpless now awaiting my keyboard tobe replaced and is at complete Mercy when they will. Losing precious time. Please kindly help me

  • Peter Mezmin Says:

    I'm a complete novice with laptops and computers I've had my laptop for about a year and have never been able to set my laptop up I would appreciate if Asus could help me set it up please

  • R. Winkers Says:

    Twice the LCD Touchscreen Panel of Model Q501A failed. It was sent in once for replacement. Failed again 6 months later. ASUS support would not stand behind the repairs. Would not recommend buying again from this company.

  • j lopez Says:

    Case #N160317765 Would like to acknowledge "Everton" in assisting me to fix my computer over the phone....thank you very much.

  • Mark Serges Says:

    For me Asus has Worst support ever. Wont stand behind their products.

  • Bob Harrison Says:

    I have had a Nexus seven made by Asus for two years and am quite satisfied with it. When I saw the specifications and price of their new desktop, M32CD, I was convinced to purchase it. My reason for buying a desktop is that I wish to configure it with an SSD, an additional hard drive, and increase the memory. It would help to have a technical manual so that I do this properly. I would expect this manual to contain a motherboard layout and also explain the BIOS options. I checked their support site and found there was only a User Guide without this information.

    I made several attempts to find this information, the text chat on their site, a telephone call, and I downloaded their android service app and called again. The answer I finally received was that ASUS has a policy that they don't want customers to add components, or change the factory configuration in any way and therefore will not release this information.

    Manuals with this information are provided by other manufactures and its only reasonable for a customer to expect this. Many customers that buy a tower desktop intend to eventually upgrade it. If ASUS intends for its desktops to remain closed cases, it should advertise this information when selling the product. In which case I and others with this intention would not have purchased it.

  • xpgong Says:

    I would say I am very disappointed at their warranty service.
    I bought a X-20rTA asus 11 inch machine(full price less than $300), with normal usage for 10 months, the display began to have issue and completely no display in 11 months.
    called Asus warranty support, they issued RMA, but I need to pack my machine and I should pay to ship them back(in contrast to many warranty service). I asked will I be responsible for the charge of shipping back. Clearly more than three times, they told me that Asus will be responsible for shipping back at Asus cost.
    Four days after they received, I got an email with invoice of
    1. $320 to replace LCD
    2. $10 to ship back.
    Asus used some defective LCD on some small screens. Their tablet has tons of LCd issue and they finally decided to replace those. My machine is under normal usage. No physical damage at all. Screen glass is still perfect. but they decline the warranty service.
    Even worse... is... they can not honor their own words...Asus is responsible for shipping back at Asus cost...they charge me to ship it back.
    I was originally considering purchase another asus machine. but now I really hesitate

  • Susan W Says:

    I can get through to an Asus customer service agent quite quickly. AND they seem very eager to help...AT FIRST!!! This is all just a front. They say whatever they have to to get you off of the phone. I have NEVER received a call back as promised and my computer is still sitting there in limbo. I cannot believe that ANYONE would give them a decent rating. Obviously the research put into this rating was lacking... Try again!!!!

  • eddie hackett Says:

    Could you possibly made it any more difficult to sign in a laptop? Serial number needs a microscope to read, product name???, I just gave up.

  • dahir Says:

    I have ASUS loptop and I have black screem problem. my loptop is on but can't display anything please help

  • ant Says:

    i always used to respect asus until the lcd on my g75 broke and i sent it in to get replaced. something i probably could've done myself but didn't want to go through the hastle. It took them 3 months to fix it and when they did they did it wrong. its like they didnt even bother to try and check if the installation worked correctly after they turned the laptop on. I will be avoiding anything branded with asus like the plague

  • Krystle Gnatz Says:

    I have been fighting with ASUS for over a year now. I bought the Q501LA, touch screen laptop for about $850. After a few months it stopped booting up properly. After speaking on the phone to tech support, the problem was still not solved so they finally had me send the laptop to them in California. After getting a back over 2 weeks later, I booted it up, the computer worked it then started to update Windows and no longer worked. I called them back, they had me send it again and I received it back with a horribly cracked screen because they had sent it in VERY poor shipping materials. I have sent it back AGAIN and don't know if the problem is even fixed yet. I do NOT suggest buying from ASUS. I know that their products get great reviews but God forbid something goes wrong, their support is awful!

  • Fabián Borga Says:

    Señores,buenos días, necesito saber a que dirección de e mail me puedo dirigir para hacer una verificación de correspondencia de números de serie de la PC y el disco rígido con que salieron de fabrica. La maquina se cayo y se rompió la pantalla pero se veía parcialmente lo que me permitía apagarla y prenderla. La llevo al service oficial para que coticen la reparación y al regreso me dice que tenía roto el disco rígido lo cual NO era así porque la podiamos seguir usando con una pantalla auxiliar. Gracias . Saludos. Atte. Fabián Borga

  • Daniel Says:

    Asus technical support, while very personable and patient, is worthless when it comes to deep hardware issues. My D550MA laptop has been returned 3 times in my six months of ownership. Their repair service does not read the comments on the RMA request from their own technical support department. The last time the computer was returned for a defective NIC - they replaced the wireless card. NEVER again, Asus.

  • Nancy Conway Says:

    This company is the worst company I have ever dealt with. they promised to fix my broken laptop and then said it was damaged in shipping and sent it back unfixed. the damage was already there I told them clearly what was wrong. they shipped it back unfixed to the wrong address additionally . I would not recommend buying anything from ASUS. horrible company .

  • Rodney Says:

    I recently purchased a Zenbook Ultra from the Microsoft Store (1st mistake). This was for my wife for use with her business. At 1st the computer was jumpy and IE kept giving me the error: "IE has stopped working. Long, short... called Microsoft premium support 4 times. Returned the store 3 times and the notebook is back in ASUS repair shop for the 3rd time. They said they are replacing it with a new OR "reconditioned" replacement. Not a happy camper right now.

  • nieca Says:

    I had researched brands of laptops which have lesser complaints. After a thorough researched I decided to chose Asus brand. The first time I use an Asus Brand laptop, model transformer book flip 2014 and it disappointed me to the max! The touchpad not working and its a brand new laptop. I had an exchanged for the same laptop then I had realized the screen is very low in quality, big pixels. on the note, the skin color is black it is so messy to see smudges all the time. I returned the product, paid a 15% fee since it was not defective it was just that i realized i am not satisfied and happy with it. i bought a different brand instead. My first and last encounter with any asus laptop.

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