Apple May Launch its Own TV, New iPhone in Early 2013

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Apple may have just launched the iPhone 5, iPad mini and the 4th generation iPad, but there are already rumors about what Apple will be releasing next. Business Insider is reporting that Apple may be launching an updated iPhone 5, currently being called the iPhone 5S, as well as the long-awaited Apple television set.

The iPhone 5S is expected to bring higher performance but no design changes to the iPhone 5, just like the iPhone 4S compared to the iPhone 4. An Apple television set would be a completely new product, rather than an update to the AppleTV, which is expected to completely revolutionize cable and television.

Apple has adhered to a yearly release schedule in the past, but recently broke this convention with the release of the 4th generation iPad, which hit the shelves just months after the release of the 3rd generation iPad. Additionally, Apple released the newest version of OS X, Mountain Lion, just a year after the release of Lion; previously, Apple released major operating systems on a biennial schedule.

While it's possible that Apple may have some surprises for early 2013, we think it's unlikely that this will include an updated iPhone. Despite the rising popularity of prepaid cellphone plans, most iPhone users are locked into bi-annual carrier plans and iPhone sales would be hindered by the additional cost of breaking these contracts. As for an Apple television set, only time will tell.

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  • Alltagstod Says:

    @Lou, that's probably what Phillips Son and TDK said about Apple entering the portable music market. Unfortunately simple minded people cannot comprehend the creative output of geniuses, they can only talk about what "can't be done" by people that constantly make innovative products you couldn't even imagine before they introduced them to you. I'm sure you've revolutionized a couple of industries yourself right?

  • joe Says:

    oh and they also made the MP3 experience the best (IPOD,)

  • joe Says:

    No one knows what the wizards are brewining in Cupertino. But they made the PC much better, they made the cell phone much better, they have the best tablet on the market. The quality is second to none.

    So i am looking forward to an apple TV . I am pretty confident it will kick rear end. Apple doesn't do anything to come in second.

  • Kalyan Says:

    You sound just like Steve Balmer!

  • Elvis Says:

    Why the hate on apple if they make a tv more huge companies that make TVs the faster we will progress in innovations if we waited for just Samsung to make a tv once a year that will take for ever. Plus other companies can see what mistakes they are lacking by studying other companies product. In away every ones competing but at then we get an amazing product.

  • liin Says:


    It was also impossible for a new player to compete in a matured cell phone market, let alone dominate. But it happened. We haven't seen the product, so all talk of its validity, are just based on our assumption of what it could be. Which is simply, AppleTV built-in to a TV. But who's to say that's the solution Apple came up with?


    Yeah, most people have TVs already. So BestBuys and other retailers should just stop selling TV, and Samsung and Sony should just stop making new TVs. It's wasteful.

  • mds Says:

    Why post something AAPL has denied?
    They did say 2014; not 2013. No reason to put out false expectations.
    However; to the point of collaboration to achieve success in this arena I agree 100%.
    The partner will be Sharp; who arguably makes the best TV now and who AAPL has invested $2B in collaborative vertical manufacturing.

  • ATL Says:

    Apple will price their TV's way too high, Like the rest of their products, and more than likely control what you can and cannot watch, lol !

  • Miles Miller Says:

    @ Lou, Why do graphic designers, web designers, and movie editors prefer Apple monitors over the brands you mentioned? Read reviews on Apple computer monitors compared them to Samsung, LG, or any other brand. The Apple monitor wins, without competition. They outscore in performance and design quality.

    If they produce a television, it will undoubtedly win over other TVs because that is what Apple is good at... figuring out what people want even though they don't know it yet. The big companies have a lot of engineers, but Apple only recruits the best innovators, creatives, and engineers and knows how to make the best product.

    I admit, I have skepticism about them ever making a television set, but I know that if they do, it will be the best television we have seen yet.

  • John Miller Says:

    @ Abram, for many people the user experience on iPhone is better, or so they say (don't own a cell phone, but my Mac user experience is much better than my Windows user experience, from Windows XP - but I have not doubt Windows has improved over the years.)

    I wouldn't ignore that completely.

  • Autymn D. C. Says:

    buys !-&gt; they, retard: 1 != 2; will = like != shall.

    Wi-Fi Cloud TV, bitch. Call it Ethergate or iGate.

  • Abram Says:

    You guys seem to not be acknowledging a fact. There is a reason why people line-up outside of Apple Stores for days to buy a product that doesn't do anything more than the leading competition, at a much higher price. They are buying the status. They are buying 'the why', as I've heard it referred to before. People buy Apple, because they believe in Apple. They believe that the product somehow makes them appear or more importantly, feel- intelligent, cutting edge, chic, avant garde etc....They may not take over the T.V. market, but they can put a dent in it, if they choose to.

  • Jingleballs Says:

    Apple should just improve upon the atv hockey puck or dongle, instead of making a big tv. It's wasteful. Most people by now already have a big flat panel tv. They need to open it up to apps also. Current atv is too limited.

  • Lou Says:

    Unless Apple buys Samsung or Panasonic, they won't even put a dent in the TV market. It just isn't possible for a new company to come in and "revolutionize" the TV market. All of the patent infringing thievery by Apple couldn't help them produce a TV with better picture quality than Samsung's or Panasonic's at a fraction of the price.

    And that is all it comes down to really. Picture quality. Because "smart TV's" are rarely used to their full potential, and HTPC's and console/streaming devices take care of any streaming and app usage. TV's aren't meant to be used as anything but a TV. The consumer has made this clear already. Apple will fail completely if they try to produce a TV.

  • Martin Says:


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