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Best cheap computer monitor deals of October 2020

Best monitor deals
Samsung 32-inch FHD Curved Multimedia Monitor (Image credit: Samsung)

October is upon us and retailers are putting their best monitor deals in the spotlight this month. So if you're bargain hunting for a new monitor or two or even three, you're in the right place. We're searching the web and rounding up the top deals on the industry's best monitors.

The right monitor for your laptop can help your day-to-day productivity soar and enhance your viewing experience. You can mirror or extend your laptop screen, build a dual monitor setup or even a multi-monitor setup for gaming. But before you select the best monitor for your needs, there's something you should know. There are lots of specs to consider when you're choosing the right monitor for your PC. 

Besides display size, resolution, refresh rate, and response time, you'll also have to think about price versus performance. No matter your budget, you'll want to get the best value for your hard earned cash —and that's where we come in. 

Whether it's 27-inch monitor deals, 32-inch monitor deals or 4K monitor deals you're after, we've got you covered. From cheap computer monitors to the best monitors for gaming, these are the best monitor deals you can get today. 

Amazon Prime Day 2020 kicks off October 13 and we expect to see tons of deals on today’s best tech gear. Be sure to bookmark our Prime Day page for this year’s exclusive deals. 

Computer monitor buying guide 2020

  • We recommend a 27-inch monitor size. However, go for the largest display that will fit your workspace and your budget. 27 inches is very large, so pull out a ruler and do some measuring. 
  • Buy a 4K monitor if you can afford to splurge. Although 1080p monitors offer a great viewing experience, 2160p content is becoming the new norm. If you have room in your budget to spend upwards of $250, go for the 1440p or 4K monitor. 
  • Widescreen multimedia monitors are for everything. If cinematic viewing, immersive PC gaming and maximum productivity are priority, go for a widescreen monitor. They come in flat and curved designs with life-like FHD or 4K resolution. 
  • Generally speaking, 60Hz and up is a good refresh rate. The refresh rate is the number of times a monitor refreshes the screen per second. A standard 60Hz monitor refreshes the screen 60 times per second whereas a 120Hz monitor refreshes twice as many times. Competitive gamers will benefit from the smoother gaming performance of 144Hz and up. 
  • Most monitors have a response time of 5ms. Response time is the time it takes the monitor to shift from one color to another. Gamers will want to get the lowest response time (1ms is ideal). 

The best monitor deals right now

HP 24uh 24-inch Monitor: was $149 now $94 @ HP
This 24-inch 1080p display works great as primary or secondary monitor for work or play at home. Use coupon, "JUMPMON15" to drop its price down to $94.View Deal

Dell 27-inch Monitor S2721D: was $319 now $239 @ Dell
Save $80 on the Dell S2721D 27-inch monitor. Images come to life 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution display for truly immersive viewing. It features an ultrathin bezel design that complements any workspace. View Deal

HP 24mh 24-inch Monitor: was $139 now $109 @ Amazon
For a limited time, you can snag this 24-inch 1080p HP monitor for an all time low price. It features a sleek, near borderless design and advanced IPS technology for 178° ultra-wide viewing angles with consistent detail and vibrant color.
View Deal

Dell S-Pro 27-inch Monitor: was $319 now $234 @ Dell
Enhance your machine's viewing experience with this beautiful 27" Dell S-Pro monitor. With a thin bezel design, small footprint and an adjustable stand, it's the perfect addition to any workspace. View Deal

Alienware 25-inch 240Hz Gaming Monitor: was $509 now $384 @ Dell
The new Alienware AW2521HFL gaming monitor is currently $150 off. This top-of-the-line display packs a 240Hz refresh rate, G-Sync support and custom AlienFX lighting. It's one of the best gaming monitor deals you can get. View Deal