Apple just increased the trade-in value for iPad Pro and iPhone models

iPad Air
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Apple has a habit of consistently updating its devices on an annual basis, with the iPhone 13 expected to be on its way later this year. To keep up, the tech giant's trade-in scheme makes it a lot more affordable to upgrade to its latest models.

But now, Apple has sweetened the pot by increasing the maximum trade-in value for its iPad Pro and iPhone 11 lineup.

Spotted by MacRumors, the iPad Pro now has a maximum value of $580, increasing by $45 from its previous $535. This conveniently lines up with Apple's rumoured iPad Pro 2021 which is set to launch this April. The increase in value certainly makes it more enticing to trade in for an upgrade (especially if it comes with a mini LED display panel).

As for its iPhone lineup, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has seen an increase of $15 to $515, the iPhone 11 Pro up by $5 to $465, while the standard ‌iPhone 11‌ saw a $20 increase to $380. Still rocking an iPhone 6S? Its trade-in value just went up by $5 to $65.

However, MacBook models saw a decrease in maximum value, with the MacBook Air seeing a $70 drop from $600 to $530, while the discontinued 12-Inch MacBook model went down by $40 to $340 and the Mac mini went down $60 to $770.

While these increases show how much you can get when trading in an iPad, iPhone or MacBook, it's important to note that this doesn't mean you'll get the full amount. A big factor in estimating the device's value comes down to its condition — a shattered iPhone isn't ideal.

If you're yearning for an Apple upgrade, or want to jump on the increased trade-in values for its iPad and iPhone models, head over to Apple's trade-in page. Interestingly, the tech giant now offers credit for trading in Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Google Pixel 4a. All are among the best smartphones around, and if you're looking to make the switch, check out why this seven-year Android user decided to switch to the iPhone 12 mini

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