This external CD/DVD drive is $17 for Black Friday — don't buy a laptop with a CD/DVD drive

Gotega CD/DVD drive connected to a laptop
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Black Friday is the best time of year to save on laptop accessories and if you are someone who still needs to access physical media from time to time or you are looking to digitize your media collection, an external CD/DVD drive is a must-have.

Good news! Right now one of our favorite external CD/DVD drives is just $17 on Amazon, which is the lowest price we've ever seen on this well-liked Gotega drive.

Please go this route rather than looking for one of the best laptops with CD/DVD drives, we do what we can every year to help you find them, but the sad truth for physical media lovers is that there are no truly good laptops left with built-in drives. You are going to be compromising and overpaying and I'm here as your laptop expert friend to tell you to just say no to laptops with built-in CD/DVD drives in 2023.

So if you are also in the market for a new laptop, by all means, check out the best Black Friday laptop deals to pair with your new CD/DVD drive. When you are done with whatever task required a CD/DVD drive, just unplug it and enjoy your modern and wonderful new laptop unfettered.

Gotega External DVD Drive: $33 19 @ Amazon

Gotega External DVD Drive: $33 19 @ Amazon
The Gotega External DVD Drive connects to any laptop over USB 3.0 to to burn or play CDs and DVDs. It burns DVDs at up to 8x speeds and CDs at up to 24x speeds. The slim design should make it an easy addition to your laptop bag.

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