I ain't worth a dollar, but these smart glasses make me feel like a billionaire! $100+ off XREAL AR specs for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

XREAL Air AR smart glasses Black Friday Cyber Monday deal
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Black Friday has come and gone, but the lead up to Cyber Monday is still filled with incredible offers on tech. Case in point, the XREAL Air AR smart glasses available for just $271 at Amazon as an exclusive for Prime members!

I'm a personal fan of XREAL's smart glasses. In fact, I barely take my own pair off! They're completely replaced my external monitor and I'm showing no signs of turning back. As an added bonus, I do feel a little bit like Tony Stark's less handsome, less wealthy, and far less cleverer cousin who has somehow inherited his coolest smart shades.

Check them out below, and don't snooze on this hot new wearable tech! It's the future I tells ya, the future!

Best Black Friday XREAL Air AR Glasses deal

XREAL Air AR Glasses
Was: $379
Now: $271 @ Amazon w/ Prime membership

XREAL Air AR Glasses
Now: $271 @ Amazon w/ Prime membership

Overview: The XREAL Air AR Glasses are $108 off during the brand's Black Friday sales event on Amazon. 

Features: Per-eye Sony Micro-OLED Panel projection of up to 130-inch virtual screen, ergonomic form and comfort, evenly distributed 79 grams weight, 400 nits of peak brightness, 46-degree FoV, up to 120Hz refresh rate, 49 PPD (Pixels per degree), built-in open-ear audio with temple mounted speakers, and twin microphones for hands free calling.

Release date: Sept. 2022

Price check: $339 @ Walmart

Price history: This deal is the lowest to date for the XREAL Air AR Glasses on Amazon.

Buy it if: You want an immersive experience for games and media no matter where you are. An enormous virtual display to enjoy all your content on with great open-ear audio lets you enjoy all forms of content to its fullest, all while remaining lightweight and comfortable to wear. You can even stay more alert to your surroundings thanks to the complete pass-through vision of normal glasses, giving you a healthy dose of mixed reality to feast on. 

Don't buy it if: You're not much for wires or want an all day device to watch content on the go. The XREAL Air isn't outfitted with its own battery, so it will draw power from the device you have it connected to. Though for a similar price as to what you're saying you could pick up the XREAL Beam accessory which comes with a 4,870 mAh battery, extends the functionality of the XREAL Air smart glasses, and can even natively run Android apps too!

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