"If you are looking for the key that finally unlocks the potential of mobile gaming, you’ve found it in the Backbone One.": Save $30 on the best mobile gaming controller in this Black Friday deal

backbone one mobile gaming controller
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Mobile gaming has a world of potential with powerful smartphones like the iPhone 15 Pro, but the reality of controlling increasingly complex games with the touchscreen is less than ideal. Enter the Backbone One mobile gaming controller. It turns your smartphone into a handheld console, making it easier and more comfortable to play your favorite mobile games for hours. 

This Black Friday deal slashes $30 off the Lightning Backbone One controller for iPhones. If you have a USB-C iPhone or an Android phone, the USB-C BackBone One controller is also $30 off right now. With the controller’s tactile buttons, comfortable fit, and low-latency connection, playing mobile games will feel so much better. Plus, you can also set up cloud gaming services to access games through Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam Link.

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Black Friday deal on Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller

Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller for iPhone (Lightning)

Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller for iPhone (Lightning)

Deal: $99 $69 @ Amazon

Overview: Save $30 on the BACKBONE One controller for mobile gaming on iPhone

Features: Tactile buttons, clickable thumbsticks, responsive analog triggers, 3.5mm headphone jack, compatible with PS Remote Play, Xbox Remote Play, Steam Link app, and mobile app stores, comes with one free month of Backbone+ via the Backbone app.

Release date: May 2022

Price check: As far as we can tell, this is the lowest the Backbone One controller has been priced, aside from third-party sellers pricing it at around $63 last year.

Price history: Backbone $99 $69 |  Best Buy $99 $69 

Reviews: The Backbone One for iPhone is highly reviewed, with most people noting how well the gaming controller fits in hand (as long as you don’t have a case on your iPhone) and how intuitive the mobile app is. It's equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack, tactile buttons, clickable thumbsticks, and a low-latency wired connection.

Laptop Mag: ★★★★½  | TechRadar: ★★★★★

Buy if: You want an easier mobile gaming experience and your iPhone has a Lightning charging port. Or, if you want to explore available games through Xbox Remote Play, PS Remote Play, or the Steam Link app, this is a great purchase.

Don't buy if: You have an iPhone 15 with a USB-C charging port or an Android phone. Instead, check out the BackBone One USB-C controller.