Oculus Quest 2 Prime Day 2022 Deal! Get the Pro bundle for less than $400

Amazon Prime Day deal: Meta Quest 2 Pro Bundle
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Prime Day 2022 is finally here, along with plenty of VR gear for your next virtual escape (or escapade). This Meta Quest 2 deal costs less than your next rent payment, and the Pro Bundle comes with everything you need to get started. 

Right now, you'll find the 128GB version of the Meta Quest 2 Pro Bundle for $397 on Amazon, which includes a custom carrying case and elite strap for enhanced comfort as you navigate the metaverse — one wild arm swing at a time. Formerly known as Oculus Quest 2, this is the VR headset that bridges the uncanny valley between consumer-level affordability and seamless usability. 

Quest 2 Pro Bundle (128GB): now $397 @ Amazon

Quest 2 Pro Bundle (128GB): <a href="https://target.georiot.com/Proxy.ashx?tsid=45727&GR_URL=https%3A%2F%2Famazon.com%2FOculus-Quest-Advanced-All-One-2%2Fdp%2FB09DCM6CNZ%3Ftag%3Dhawk-future-20%26ascsubtag%3Dhawk-custom-tracking-20" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">now $397 @ Amazon
The Meta Quest 2 Pro Bundle is currently on sale for less than $400, bringing high-powered specs and a host of refined features to a lighter headset at an affordable price. The Quest 2 has a 3664 x 1920-pixel fast-switch LCD display, which equates to 1832 x 1920 per eye. And while it might seem trite at first glance, that elite strap is far comfier on the noggin than the Quest 2's floppy stock strap.

Quest 2 (128GB): was $324 now $299 @ Amazon

Quest 2 (128GB): <a href="https://target.georiot.com/Proxy.ashx?tsid=45727&GR_URL=https%3A%2F%2Famazon.com%2FMeta-Quest-Advanced-All-One-Amazon-com%2Fdp%2FB0B3KQXHJL%3Ftag%3Dhawk-future-20%26ascsubtag%3Dhawk-custom-tracking-20" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">was $324 now $299 @ Amazon
If you're totally fine with investing in the bare VR essentials, the non-bundled Meta Quest 2 headset costs just $299 on Amazon, and it even comes with a $25 Amazon Gift card to lessen the sting of your very first VR gaming accessory. Same VR headset. Same 128GB storage. Significantly lower price.

Ever since VR headsets started making their way into the mainstream, the question has always been: when will they become a truly consumer-friendly product? Well, the time is now, and Meta Quest 2 is the product. The latest version of this standalone VR headset refines or expands the things we loved about the original. The lighter design is paired with a higher resolution display; a more powerful processor; more ergonomic controls; and expanded social and sharing features, just to name a few.

The Meta Quest 2 goggles come in two storage sizes: 64GB and 256GB. Both models are equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 SoC, 6GB of RAM and a 3664 x 1920-pixel fast-switch LCD display (1832 x 1920 per eye). Compared to the original Quest, everything has undergone some measure of refinement. For example, the indentations surrounding the quad of sensors on the Quest 2 are smaller and rounded compared to the elongated ovals found on the original. Another major change the Quest 2 introduces is how Meta handles IPD (interpupillary distance). Instead of a clunky slider along the undercarriage of the headset, you simply shift the lenses left or right to get your ideal setting. 

The Quest 2 is a standalone headset with a powerful processor, generous RAM and a high-resolution display with plenty of games at your virtual fingertips. There are still some things Meta needs to work on, but for the money, the Meta Quest 2 is the ambassador VR’s been waiting for.

Still on the prowl for Prime Day's best gaming deals? Right now, you can save up to $200 on the HP Reverb G2 VR headset. You'll need one of the best gaming laptops or workstations (such as the HP ZBook Fury 17 G8) to run this cutting-edge hardware, but lucky for you, Prime Day is relatively riddled with laptop deals.

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