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Shrinking Windows 8: 7-Inch Tablets Could Feature Microsoft's OS

Microsoft could be exploring smaller tablets, according to new specification requirements in the March 12th Windows Certification Newsletter. First discovered by Ed Bott, these new guidelines involve a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768, rather than the previous 1366 x 768, giving manufacturers freedom to explore smaller sized 7-inch devices, which could rival tablets such as the Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD and the iPad mini.

"This doesn't imply that we're encouraging partners to regularly use a lower screen resolution," said Microsoft in the newsletter. "We see customers embracing the higher resolution screens that make a great Windows experience...[but] we understand that partners exploring designs for certain markets could find greater design flexibility helpful."

Devices with this lower screen resolution, however, would not have as many features as the high res counterparts. The snap function, which allows two Windows 8 style application to be viewed side by side, will not be possible. Microsoft is requiring manufacturers who take advantage of these lower specification requirement to disclose these limitations to its customers.

Via Windows and ZDNet