Hands-on leak may be our first real look at the Pixel 9 Pro — here's what's new

exclusive photo of google pixel 9 pro from Rozetked
(Image credit: Rozetked)

In January, we shared leaked renders of the Pixel 9 Pro, and it looks like they were pretty spot-on in terms of design. 

New photos of an alleged real-life Pixel 9 Pro prototype just dropped on Rozetked (via 9to5Google), and it shows off the new pill-shaped camera island with three lenses we expected in lieu of the Pixel's famous (or infamous) camera bar, along with rounded corners that more closely resemble past iPhones than past Pixel devices.

Compared to the first leaked renders, the Pixel 9 Pro prototype also shares a power button and volume rocker on the right side, a USB-C port on the bottom with a speaker on one side and a microphone cutout beside the SIM card slot. 

What's unique in these prototype photos is an antenna cutout on the phone's top edge and new spec details on the phone's boot screen. 

Prototype Pixel 9 Pro specs and photos

Rozetked shared quite a few photos of the Pixel 9 Pro prototype — which were obtained from an anonymous source — but the one we're most interested in is the boot screen photo.

On the phone's boot screen, it's identified as "caiman," which is the Pixel 9 Pro's codename. We can also see that the phone has 128GB of storage, 16GB of RAM —  up 4GB over the Pixel 8 Pro. Rozetked confirmed that the Pixel 9 Pro is equipped with the Tensor G4 chipset and a periscopic telephoto lens, and that it's similar in size to the iPhone 15 Pro.

This was a big new info dollop of information on Google's next flagship phone, but for everything we know so far, check out our guide to all of the Pixel 9 Pro rumors.