How to Upgrade Your ThinkPad T460s' RAM

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When we reviewed the Lenovo ThinkPad T460s, we found that its 8GB of RAM were part of a configuration that provided strong performance. Power users, though, might want to eke out a bit more potential by upgrading to 16GB of DDR4 RAM. To start, you'll need to grab a Phillips head screwdriver and back up everything before you begin.

Here's how to upgrade the RAM in your ThinkPAD T460s. 

1. Shut down and close your ThinkPad T460s.

2. Loosen the five screws on the bottom of the case with a Phillips head screwdriver. These don't come out.How to Upgrade Your ThinkPad T460s’ RAM

3. Pry the bottom off. The T460s is easy, and you shouldn't need any tools. Just use your fingers.

How to Upgrade Your ThinkPad T460s’ RAM

4. Place the bottom casing to the side and locate the RAM.

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5. Press on the clips holding the RAM in place to release it.


6. Pull the old RAM out at an angle and place it in an anti-static bag. Make sure you don't touch the contacts.


7. Place in the new RAM at a slight angle.


8. Press down to flatten the RAM flush with the motherboard. It will click beneath the holding clips.


9. Place the cover back onto the laptop. Make sure it snaps all the way around and tighten the screws. 

How to Upgrade Your ThinkPad T460s’ RAM

10. Boot up your ThinkPad T460s and go to Settings > System > About or the Device Manager  to see if your computer registers the new RAM.

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  • HZeng Says:

    As far as I know, T460s has 1 RAM (4GB) soldered on board. So there are only 1 pluggable slot. I understand that you can upgrade this slot from 4GB to 8GB or 16GB. But how could you upgrade the total RAM to 16GB?

    Another concern is that two identical RAMs (4+4) could have the advantage of dual-band, but (4+8) or (4+16) could not.

  • PaulC Says:

    So you took a system with 8gb RAM to upgrade to 16gb RAM by removing 4gb RAM and replacing it with what can only be 4gb RAM (I did not learn math using Common Core so I might be wrong here) to bring it back up to 8gb RAM.

    Oddly enough, when I removed the 4gb of RAM from my T460s it showed I still had 4gb RAM left in my system. Oh well, back to this new fangled interwebs thing to find out where that pesky other 4gb is. Or go talk to my 6th grader and have her explain math to me. She is taught Common Core. The lucky thing.

  • relax Says:

    Thanks, this was helpful. I also disabled the internal battery from the Bios before opening the laptop.

  • Scott R Says:

    Is there any mechanism that prevents the RAM slot to seat the ram correctly? I have a t460s in front of me but I can't get the RAM to slide into the slot when I push it down. I never get the click sound and it just pops right back into he angled position. I'm % 100 sure it's the correct module...

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