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The SolarKindle Cover Can Power Your eReader in the Sun

One of the biggest attractions of an E Ink eReader is how you can take it outside with you during the day and never worry about the glare of the sun reflecting into your eyes—an unpleasant affair that can easily ruin your reading experience. Now, with the soon-to-be-released SolarKindle cover, you get an added benefit from enjoying A Clash of Kings in the fresh air: this eReader cover quietly charges your Kindle during your daytime digital reading, and you can conveniently continue your book even after it gets dark.

Sporting an eye-catching, eco-friendly design with a lightweight solar panel incorporated into the jacket, the SolarKindle significantly adds time to your eReader's normal battery life—up to three months of unplugged Kindle use, in fact, which is spurred along by the dual-charging USB/solar reserve battery. The innovative power source also lets you use the SolarKindle's built-in LED reading light for up to 50 hours without taxing your Kindle's main battery.

The SolarKindle Lighted Cover will be on display all week at CES 2012, but you can get a peek at the gadget out in the real world when it becomes available on January 15, 2012. Expect to drop (a decent enough) $79.99 for this sun-powered eReader jacket.