Is the Surface Plus Upgrade Program Worth it?

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Want to upgrade to the latest Surface device as it comes out? Microsoft's new Surface Plus plan acts sort of like a plan you might expect from a phone carrier, letting you pay off your machine over 24 months and trading in every 18 months.

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The payment plans offers 0 percent APR for the first two years and 19.99 percent if you exceed that time period. The trade-ins are conditional on returning the device in good condition. The program includes the Surface Pro, Surface Laptop and Surface Book. The Surface Studio desktop is not listed among the payment plans.

As long as you keep your payments in on time and want to upgrade, you'll be paying off approximately 75 percent of the device before turning it in for the next one. That's a good deal if you always planned on getting the next big thing, but you'll pay more than you would if you paid upfront, held onto a machine for a few years and updated later.

Surface Plus also offers a free year of support in Microsoft's stores. 

So far, the Surface Pro line of devices has seen regular updates, though the Surface Book's was more minimal, bumping up to a model with its Performance Base.  It's way too early for the new Surface Laptop to receive a major refresh anytime soon. Hopefully, the Surface Plus plan will inspire a more regular upgrade cadence among Microsoft's devices.

We've seen plans like this before for phones, like Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program, but never before for computers. We're curious to see how it shakes out.

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  • Tyson Edwards Says:

    The service is comically bad. Been waiting over a month and no product in sight. Just repeated claims that "Oh, yes, I see the issue. Your order will be processed in 7-10 business days. If you don't see an update from us by then, give us a call back." That for a product I could literally walk into the store and pick up today as it's in stock. By the time it ships, the next model will be out. Feel very concerned for the longevity of the program if not product itself when it's this hard to get a tracking number.

  • GregKatz Says:

    This program seems to have hit a bump. This originated with the Klarna finance company purchasing a number of surface pros. However they oversold and people who placed their order from day one are almost a month in and no Surface Pros. According to Microsoft, Klarna has yet to reorder to fulfill their backorder. We are finding out that this was never a Microsoft lead program.

  • omegatalon Says:

    Zero percent interest loans for 2 years is FANTASTIC as you can afford to get the best system, Microsoft's Surface Book is $1,349 while the top tier machine is $2,499; while $2,499 is a bit shocking, payments of $104.13 is very reasonable as you can then afford to buy a 3-year Accidental Extended Warranty.

  • nickge Says:

    you guys ask a question, but then never actually answer it other than saying: Well if it sounds good for you then it is, and if it doesn't sound good for then it isn't. How about some basic cost details to actually justify this article quota? Cost of the device, what you pay over 18 and 24 months, are there any savings to be had, and most importantly: does the APR cover the 'remaining balance' of the loan (which is what this is essentially) or do you pay interest based upon the original balance? Some auto loans do this where you pay interest retroactively in exchange for a 0% rate.

    Don't ask a question and not give an answer.

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