Microsoft Selling Surface Laptop With Windows 10 Pro

The Surface Laptop is a really strong all-around laptop, but it has been hamstrung by Windows 10 S. Finally, Neowin reports, Microsoft is selling it with Windows 10 Pro, albeit through its commercial store.

Anyone can buy it from the Microsoft Store, but it's not a great deal. Microsoft is charging $100 more for Windows 10 Pro over Windows 10 S. Until March 31st, Microsoft is offering a free upgrade, so there's no point in spending that extra Benjamin just yet. Even after March 31st, the cost of upgrading from Windows 10 S to Windows Pro will be $49.

What's odd, though, is that Microsoft is offering the same model in different colors with Windows 10 Pro than Wind0ws 10 S. The former OS gets you red and blue alongside silver.

In our review, we said the laptop had great looks, strong performance, excellent battery life and a "top-notch typing experience." 

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