Samsung’s Future Tablets May Feature Kickstands and Flexible Displays

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Although the world is still excited about Samsung’s Galaxy S4, the Korea-based manufacturer may have some new tablet designs in its pipeline. Two newly published Samsung patents hint that a flexible-display slate and a tablet with a built-in handle could be in the works.

A patent titled “Tablet Computer” details a slate that comes with an integrated handle which would double as a kickstand. The tablet would also come with an attached protective cover, and the handle would be used to support both the device and its case to create a tent shape. Interestingly enough, a recent patent application from Nokia depicted a similar device that includes a keyboard cover and integrated kickstand.

The second design, which was discovered in Samsung’s “Tablet PC” patent, describes a tablet with a seam that would allow users to bend a portion of the display. The images indicate that this could ideally be used to create a miniature stand or a virtual keyboard for the slate.

There’s no telling when Samsung’s flexible displays will hit the market, but this is the second patent in recent weeks that has relied heavily on bendable screens. Earlier in May Samsung published a patent for a flexible TV that would be able to bend and twist to accommodate various viewing angles.

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