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Samsung Laptops Are More Reliable Than Apple (Report)

Sure, most laptops, when they are new and shiny, work great (or at least in keeping with the review we gave it). But as time takes its toil on a machine, things can become a little less predictable. Rescuecom’s new Q2 report compiles a rating for the most reliable notebook brands over time. Spoiler alert: It’s not Apple.

Rescuecom is a computer repair and support service that has compiled ratings for the eight largest computer brands, which includes market share, percentage of service calls and a reliability score. We do not have a way to double check the company's findings since they are a result of how many computer repair calls the company has received, but the results are somewhat eye opening. 

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Rescuecom’s Q2 report shows Samsung holding on to their No. 1 ranking as the most reliable brand, with just 2.8 percent of related service calls compared to its 11.2 percent market share. This is in stark contrast to Acer, which was the only brand to earn a failing grade from Resuecom. Acer products were the cause of 16.2 percent of the service calls made to Rescuecom, while the computer maker only has 3.8 percent of the market. The folks at Apple earned an A grade, moving up to second place with by having just 7.9 percent of service calls versus a whopping 22.9 percent market share. The biggest surprise was ASUS moving into the third spot with a B grade, a big change from their 6th place finish in the previous quarter and the largest improvement of any brand.

These scores are similar to our 2014 Best and Worst Brands ranking, as well as our 2013 Tech Support Showdown. We ranked both Apple and ASUS in our top three brands, with Samsung ranked lower in 6th place due to weak marks in value and innovation. Samsung, Apple and ASUS all finished in the top half of 2013 Tech Support Showdown, behind on Sony, which has since exited the PC market.

Readers can read the full report here and stay tuned to Laptop Mag for the 2014 edition of our Tech Support Showdown.