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'Real Boxing' and 'The Conduit' Come to Nvidia TegraZone

We're eagerly anticipating the arrival of Nvidia's Tegra 4 chip, but that doesn't mean that we still can't enjoy some Tegra 3 gaming. The company has released two new tablet and/or smartphone games, "Real Boxing" and "The Conduit," to TegraZone to keep our minds off of the wait. Similar to other titles optimized for Tegra 3, these games have better graphics and enhanced lighting than regular Android games.

Vivid Games' "Real Boxing" made its initial debut during CES as a hands-on demo for Project Shield. Powered by Epic's Unreal Engine, the game is just as visceral on Tegra 3, showing off sculpted musculature, beads of sweat and brutal jabs, hooks and haymakers. Players must fight their way through 20 different opponents, each with their own unique fighting style. Pound for pound, "Real Boxing" is one of the best-looking fighting games on Android.

If squaring off in the ring for 12 rounds isn't your thing, there's also "The Conduit." First released as a Nintendo Wii title in 2009, this first-person shooter features a sci-fi twist. Players assume the role of Michael Ford, an agent of a shadow government agency, tasked with fending off an invasion of Washington D.C. by an alien race called the Drudge. Players can either hook up a controller to their device or take advantage of the mobile-exclusive touch-control scheme to beat back the alien horde.

"Real Boxing" is available in the Google Play store and TegraZone for $4.99. The first two missions of "The Conduit" are free, however, the seven remaining levels will cost $4.99 as a bundle or $2.99 USD for levels 3 to 6; $2.99 USD for levels 7 to 9.