Nvidia Shield Preorder Date Jumps Up to May 17th

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Gamers, grab your wallets.  For those of you waiting to plunk down your money to preorder the Nvidia Shield, four retailers -- Gamestop, Newegg, Micro Center and Canada Computer -- have bumped up the preorder date from May 20th to May 17th. That means gamers eager to reserve the highly anticipated handheld device can begin placing orders today. Priced at $350, Shield is expected to ship sometime in June and will feature a 5-inch, 720p display and 16GB of RAM.

Nvidia has been ramping up the buzz, with Shield showing up in a cameo on the ABC television show "Modern Family." The Tegra 4-powered device also made the rounds at Google I/O, running demos of Android games. At launch, Shield will ship with five Android titles (“Broken Age,” “Costume Quest,” “Flyhunter: Origins,” “Skiing Fred" and“Chuck’s Challenge”) and the much-hyped GeForce PC streaming service in beta. 

We were wowed during our hands-on experience with Nvidia Shield at CES 2013. Instead of futzing with touch controls, you can enjoy a lot more precision using the Shield’s two analog sticks and multitude of buttons. Casual gamers might be a bit scared off. Streaming games, video and more to a TV will be possible via Miracast technology, and Nvidia says there should be several adapters on the market that deliver this AirPlay-like experience to multiple TV brands. Fuller integration of the technology into sets is a little ways off.

Stay tuned for our review of this bad boy, as we hope to get our fingers all over it soon. 

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