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Nvidia Releases GeForce GTX 580M, Mobile Graphics Chip Promises Fastest Speeds Ever

Nvidia has upped the ante for mobile gamers once again with the announcement of the GeForce GTX 580M graphics card, which promises the fastest 3D gaming experience of all time. The new chip will appear in a number of high-end gaming notebooks including the upcoming Alienware M18x and the updated Alienware M17x.

The GTX 580M offers a host of high-performance features, including:

  • DirectX 11 Support: Ability to support the latest, high-end Windows games.
  • Optimus: Now even high-end gaming systems will have Nvidia's automatic graphics switching technology. On internal tests, Nvidia found that 17-inch notebooks were able to go from 3 to 5 hours of endurance (doing Facebook) due to Optimus.
  • PhysX ability: More realistic explosions with fragments that fly all over the place in realistic ways.
  • High-speed 3D Vision Gaming: Improved frame rates, even during 3D games.
  • Tessalation Support: More realistic textures. See the picture below.

  • SLI Support: Ability to double frame rates by adding a second GTX 580M card to your notebook
  • High-end Specs: 384 CUDA Cores, 1.2-GHz GPU clock, 2GB of DDR5 RAM, 256-bit memory bus

In addition to the GTX 580M, Nvidia also announced the release of a slightly-less-powerful chip, the GTX 570M. The GTX 570M supports 336 CUDA Cores, a 1.1-GHz GPU, 1.5 or 3GB of DDR5 RAM, and a 192-bit memory bus. The MSI GT780R will be the first notebook to come with a GTX 570M chip installed.