How to Make a Meme on a Kindle Fire HDX

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Meme's are all the rage, particularly when it comes to social media. Entire websites have been based on funny pictures matched up with clever text. And now the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX makes it easy to get in on the craze, that is, if you know how. Follow these step-by-step instructions to make your own. 

1. Open the Camera app or go to your Photos from the top right bar menu. 

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2. Select the photo you want to start with. These images can come from the device's camera, Amazon's Cloud Drive or you can side load a pic from your home PC or phone. 

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3. Tap the three vertical dots on the top right of the picture. 

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4. Tap Edit in the drop down menu. 

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5. Select the cat icon that says Meme beneath it. 

TapMeme 640x400

6. Tap the box immediately below the picture that says Edit Top Text

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7. Use the keyboard to type your message and tap Done. 

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8. Use the keyboard to type the text you want on the bottom line and tap Done. 

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9. Review your work and tap Apply on the top right corner. 

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10. Tap Done in the top right corner. 

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11. Tap the Share button on the top right corner of the screen, which looks like three circles. You'll want to do this because Meme-style pictures are intended to be shared.

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12. Select the type of social network you want to share it on. In this case, we used Twitter. 

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13. Type in your message that goes with your newly made picture and press post. 

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Now to whole world can share your funny. 

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