How to Install and Use Airport Utility for Windows

If you're switching to a PC from a Mac, there's a good chance your wireless router was one of Apple's own Airport devices, and you may be wondering if you can keep using it without your MacBook. While the administration options for many PC routers can be accessed through a Web browser, you'll need Apple software – specifically the Airport Utility application – to manage its routers.

Fortunately, PC owners can download a Windows version of Airport Utility, so their Airport router doesn't need to be thrown out as they move to Windows. Just so you know, for the last step of the process, your PC will need to be logged into the wireless network that the Airport router is running.

Here are our step-by-step instructions for getting your PC ready to administrate an Apple Airport router.

How to Install and Use Airport Utility for Windows

1. Visit the Airport Utility download page and click on "Download Airport Utility for Windows."

2. Click Download.

3. Click AirPortSetup.exe.

4. Select Next.

5. Select "I accept the terms in the license agreement" and click Next.

6. Select Next.

7. Select Install. After this, you'll have to select Yes twice, when prompted by the User Account Control window.

8. Select Finish.

9. Click the Start button.

10. Type Airport.

11. Select Airport Utility.

12. Check the box next to "Private networks, such as my home or work network."

13. Click OK.

14. Double-click on your Airport network.

You can now administer your Airport router from your PC, so you can control access, shared printers and hard drives and other settings.

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