IFA Insanity Day 1: Samsung’s Tablet-Phone, New Ultrabooks, and More

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 Though the showroom has yet to open, IFA has already taken off, with big announcements from some of the most high-profile companies around.

It's safe to say that Samsung is the star of this year's convention, considering the company unveiled three Wave phones running on the Bada 2.0 OS along with the Galaxy Tab 7.7, the Series 7 Slate PC, the Series 7 Chronos notebook, and the category-defying Galaxy Note. Though these gadgets run the gamut from smartphone to tablet to laptop, the common thread is an emphasis on high-resolution displays, improved performance, and longer battery life.

Samsung may have had the limelight today, but plenty of other companies had big news to announce. Among them is Lenovo, which unveiled the $199, 7-inch IdeaPad A1 Tablet running Android Gingerbread with a single-core Cortex A8 processor. In addition to the slate, the company announced three Ultrabooks priced at less than $800.

Other IFA news came from HTC, which announced two smartphones operating on the Mango platform. The 3.8-inch Radar and the 4.7-inch Titan are set to launch in Europe next month, and both phones benefit from 500 additions to the OS, including support for HTML 5 and a mobile version of Internet Explorer 9.

Stayed tuned tomorrow, as we'll be walking the floor, catching additional press conferences, and checking out the latest products from vendors large and small. Aus Berlin, gute Nacht!

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