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Dell XPS 14z Makes an Appearance at IFA

This morning at Dell's IFA press conference, the company showed off the Dell XPS 14z, the little brother of the slim, yet powerful XPS 15z. From the quick pictures snapped by Engadget, the XPS 14z looks to retain its sibling's MacBook Pro design cues with smooth sheets of metal making up the outer shell and a chassis that's about 1-inch thick.

Unlike the XPS 15z, this notebook is packing the majority of its ports in the back, including HDMI, two USB (possibly USB 3.0?), and ethernet. The sides are reserved for headphone and mic jacks, a card reader, and an optical drive. Dell says that it'll be available later this year, but didn't commit to a particular time. Time to start working on your Christmas lists.

via Engadget