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Dell Website Stops Sale of Streak 7; Ditching Android for Windows 8?

Dell's never been a serious player in the tablet game. The company axed the Android-powered Streak 5 back in August, and now it looks like it's putting the Streak 7 out to pasture.

In a note on its website, Dell announces that the 7-inch tablet "is no longer available." We reached out to Dell for comment, and here's the official word:

We have offered the Streak 7 tablet to customers in select countries around the world since its debut in February 2011. Mobility products typically have shorter lifecycles than laptops and desktops. As such, we have discontinued it in the United States and Canada, but it continues to be available in other markets globally. We're looking forward to offering new products and concentrating on expanding our growing mobility solutions portfolio in the future. While we cannot comment on future roadmaps, we can say that Dell's mobility strategy is not tied to any one OS and we do not anticipate this strategy to change. We have a long-standing commitment to offering customers OS diversity and we will continue to partner with companies that reinforce and support our vision.

With both the Streak 5 and Streak 7 out of the picture, it looks like Android no longer has a place in Dell's tablet future. At least that jives with reports that the company will adopt Windows 8 as its new tablet platform. Dell's one remaining slate is the 10.1-inch Inspiron Duo convertible tablet, which runs Windows 7.