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Dell Venue 8 Pro: 8-inch Windows 8.1 Tablet Costs $299

The Dell Venue 8 Pro is the company's first 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet, and the company has placed a huge focus on design. The soft-touch grip is particularly attractive. You'll also find an HD IPS (1280 x 800) display as well as full pen capability, making it easy to sketch, sign documents and take notes.

Thus far we've only seen one other 8-inch Windows 8 tablet in the Acer Iconia W3, but it's display was lackluster. The Venue 8 Pro runs full Windows, so you'll be able to use both Modern-style Windows apps as well as desktop programs.

One other way the Venue 8 Pro stands out is its pen support. It's an optional accessory, but Dell says the cases available for this tablet will give you a place to store it.

The Venue 8 joins the Venue 11 Pro as two new tablets in Dell's Windows 8 slate lineup. Stay tuned for hands-on impressions.