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Dell Kills Its Losing Streak 5 Tablet

Today is a dark day for 5-inch tablet fans, all 12 of them. Dell announced that its Streak 5 tablet, as reached the end of its life, with no similarly-sized replacement on the way.  This move comes as no surprise to us, because we found many flaws with Dell's 5-inch slate, including its outdated Android 1.6 OS, sluggish performance, and lack of 720p video recording.

Still, Dell did snuff out the product in style by adorning the Streak 5 product page with a picture of a woman on a road trip with the words "Goodbye Streak 5, it's been a great ride." Unfortunately the Streak 5, one of the only mobile gadgets to use a 5-inch display, sat between two very popular product categories. It had no chance against high-end smartphones (which now typically sport 4.3-inch screens and more modern Android phone software) or 7 to 10-inch tablets such as the iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or Motorola Xoom.

In addition, the tablet market waters have become very treacherous as electronics makers fight to dethrone Apple. All these factors led to the Streak 5's demise, but fortunately the market still offers plenty of choices. We've recently broken down our picks for top 10 iPad alternatives. Take a look through our selections to determine which device is best for you.