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Dell Considering Google+ Hangouts as Customer Service Tool

Dell is said to be considering using Google+ Hangouts as a means to provide customer support to users. GigaOM is reporting that Dell's chairman and CEO, Michael Dell, wrote a post on his Google+ account saying "I am thinking about hangouts for business. Would you like to be able to connect with your Dell service and sale teams via video directly from"

The post received hundreds of positive comments from users praising Dell's idea to use the social networking service for customer service needs. Dell himself has used the Hangouts several times since joining Google+, and even sets aside time to invite people within his circle to chat.

GigaOm likens the idea to how companies such as Comcast leverage Twitter as a means to speak directly with customers. But, as the post's author, Janko Roettgers, points out Google+ is still an invite only network. So even if Dell decided to start using the service soon, they would only be able to help users who have received an invite to Google+.

On top of that, Google hasn't yet opened Google+ up for businesses. However, the company is actively working on a test product for businesses and is expected to announce several business partners who will take part in the testing process. In our 2011 Tech Support Showdown, gave Dell an A- for customer support. If it continues looking towards new and innovative ways to offer customer service, it may just reach the top spot on our list.