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How to Borrow Books on a Kindle Fire HDX

Libraries may fast become a thing of the past, but just because you can’t find your library card it doesn’t mean you still wouldn’t mind checking out a book every once in a while. With the ability to borrow books from Amazon, that trashy romance novel or young adult fiction you’ve always wanted to read but can’t bring yourself to buy can still be yours.

To borrow books from the Kindle Bookstore, you must first be a subscriber to Amazon Prime. It costs $79 a year, but it nets you lots of great services including free 2-day shipping, Amazon Instant Video access and the ability to borrow from more than 500,000 Kindle books. You can keep the book without penalty until you’re finished and a new book can be borrowed every month, though only one can be borrowed at a time.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, borrowing books for your Kindle Fire HDX is a cinch.

1. Tap Books from the home screen. Then enter the Bookstore.

2. Tap the menu in the upper left hand corner and scroll down to the Kindle Lending Library.

3. Browse through several categories of books such as Popular, Mystery, Romance and others.

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4. If you’re looking for a specific title, use the search. If there is a Prime badge next to the price it is eligible for borrowing.

5. Tap on the book you want and to the right side you will see an option to borrow for free.

After the book is downloaded, you will be free to read away without ever having to worry about late fees or sour looks from the Librarian. As a helpful tip, it may be easier to search on your desktop or laptop using the Amazon website by searching for “Prime Eligible Kindle Ebooks” under the books search. Though you may only borrow books from the store on your Kindle Fire HDX it’s quicker and easier to search with a keyboard and mouse. Happy hunting.