Apple to Unveil 10.5-inch iPad Pro in April (Report)

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We're seeing more smoke coming from the iPad rumor mill, with the latest reinforcing the notion that Apple will be introducing a new version of the iPad Pro. According to a new report, the company's upcoming 10.5-inch iPad Pro will launch in April, slightly later than the March window we've heard previously.


This updated launch date comes from Taiwanese news site DigiTimes, which reports that the 10.5-inch slate will be unveiled at a "product event to be held in early April to mark the inauguration of Apple's new headquarters in California."

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This is the first we're hearing of an Apple Park opening event, though an Apple press release released in February notes that the campus will be ready for employees in April. Where such an event would be held on-campus, specifically, is up in the air. The location's events auditorium, dubbed the Steve Jobs Theater, isn't expected to open until "later this year."

apple park photo 2 theaterThe Steve Jobs Theater, an event auditorium where Apple may be revealing its next iPad.

The new 10.5-inch iPad Pro is expected bear a striking new design with an almost borderless display and no home button, which makes it sound an awful lot like one of the new iPhones expected this year. This kind of overhaul could provide the wow-factor that the high-end corner of the tablet market needs to open its wallets up again.

We're also expecting to see Apple give more modest refreshes to its 9.7-inch and 12.3-inch iPad Pro tablets. The company may also launch a 7.9-inch model and give it one of Apple's smart connectors, so that it can attach to a Smart Keyboard, just like an iPad Pro.

Stay tuned to Laptop Mag for all the iPad rumors, news and announcements, as we're keeping our eyes out for Apple's next tablets.

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