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Lenovo's tech support has been a source of frustration in recent years. The company finished with an overall score of 75 last year — down from a 78.75 in 2013 and a 85 in 2012 — mostly due to unhelpful phone support and mediocre online resources. However, since our last evaluation, the leading PC vendor made several key improvements, including a large database of tutorials, live-chat support and a callback service.

The company's Web support now provides easy access to a wide variety of solutions, both to broad Windows questions and Lenovo-specific issues. Phone-based support remains very frustrating, as two out of three calls lasted longer than 30 minutes as stumped reps tried to find the answers to our questions and sometimes failed.

To test Lenovo's support services, we used the company's budget-minded Ideapad 100S, which comes preloaded with Windows 10 but doesn't have any proprietary Lenovo utilities. For our brand-specific question, we asked how to change the top row of keys so that they act as function keys (F1, F2, F3) rather than media buttons (volume, brightness).

Web and Social Support

lenovo support homepageLenovo maintains a dedicated support site at http://support.lenovo.com, which features drivers, manuals, utilities and instructions for every Lenovo product, along with support forums, live chat and the ability to schedule a callback. After I created a Lenovo account and entered the Ideapad 100S' serial number, the site listed the notebook under a header titled "My Products," where I could click on its name to see a list of product-specific information, such as drivers and user manuals.

lenovo support contact optiYou can also search for your model without registering it. However, when I visited the site without being logged in, every time I wanted to get the tech support phone number or initiate a new live chat, I was prompted to re-enter the laptop's serial number. When I was logged in, though, the system remembered my information.

lenovo support chat windowThe live-chat function is convenient, though wait times varied. When I initiated a chat session, a status window told me I was 12th in line, with a 32-minute wait. That turned out to be accurate — after a half an hour, I heard a beep, and a greeting from Marc appeared. After I asked him how to set up "Hey Cortana" on my laptop, he sent me a copy-and-pasted answer from the Microsoft Support site that explained how to fix the voice assistant if it wasn't working at all. When I explained that the solution didn't work, he sent me the correct one. However, when I initiated a second chat on a Friday at 2 p.m. ET, Chris came on to help me in less than 30 seconds.

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I also did a search for "Hey Cortana" using the support.lenovo.com search function, and that yielded good results. It pointed me to Lenovo's "What is Cortana?" article, which has setup instructions about halfway down the page. The same article was available from Lenovo's Windows 10 resource page, which has about three dozen articles about different aspects of the new OS. There's also a Windows 8.1 page with just a bit more than a dozen articles.

Lenovo's support site offers a wealth of helpful tips. When I tried to find an answer to my question about how to change the Function key mode by searching for "function key mode" or "hot keys," I got literally thousands of results, and all of the results on the first page pointed to irrelevant information about other products. I wish that Lenovo would automatically narrow its search results to those that apply to your product.

However, when I typed "function keys 100S," I got a PDF of the instruction manual, where I found steps describing how to change the Function key mode by tweaking a setting in my BIOS. The same instruction manual was on the dedicated product support page for my laptop as well. Unfortunately, the BIOS didn't have that setting within it, which means the instructions were wrong.

Because the 100S' touchpad doesn't support multitouch, we also had to modify our standard trackpad question and ask how to enable finger scrolling on the laptop, rather than how to change its direction. The correct answer is that, on this notebook, you can't scroll at all.

Unfortunately, there's no documentation on what you cannot do with your notebook, so neither the instructions nor any of the search results explained that this common capability is unavailable.

Lenovo's support forums are loaded with thousands of threads from users looking for answers to very specific questions that, in many cases, other users or Lenovo reps have answered. However, there's no specific time frame or guarantee of getting a reply. After 24 hours, I hadn't received any replies on the forums.

Just as it did last year, Lenovo's @lenovohelp Twitter account provided a quick and accurate response to a support question. When I asked how to turn on "Hey Cortana" listening mode on an Ideapad, I got an answer 2 hours later with a link pointing me to a tutorial — which, coincidentally, was our Laptop Mag tutorial on the subject. However, as before, tweeting a question to @lenovo generated no response. Forget about getting help via Facebook. A message I posted to the Lenovo wall went unanswered.

Phone Support

If you're going to call Lenovo tech support, get ready for a long wait while the rep figures out a solution to your problem — or possibly fails to. Also, make sure you have your laptop serial number on hand, because you will be asked for it, perhaps more than once.

On each call, it took me 2 to 3 minutes to navigate through the menu options and listen to all the messages before I could get into the queue. Some of these messages informed me that, for Windows 10 problems, I should visit Lenovo's support site, contact Microsoft or call another number for paid premium support.

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When I called on a Friday at 2 p.m. ET, I was connected to Tariq after 8 minutes and 30 seconds. After asking for my name, he said that he was having "technical problems on his system" and took a description of my question, along with my phone number, and promised to have someone call me back. I waited all day, but I never received a call.

lenovo-tss15_pq_chromebook_windowOn a Monday at 4 p.m. ET, I called and again waited 8 minutes and 30 seconds, after which I was connected to Lou, a support tech in the Philippines. (All of my calls were connected to the Philippines.) She immediately asked for my laptop's serial number, my name and my phone number. After spending several minutes carefully repeating my information to her, I was asked for the same exact information twice on my next call.

I asked Lou how to enable scrolling on my touchpad, and after she put me on hold for 5 minutes, I allowed her to use remote login software to attempt to fix the problem directly on my computer. As I watched my screen, she spent a long time going through the Control Panel and a variety of menus on my computer in a fruitless effort. At one point, she stopped to ask me if I had a Chromebook — which is strange, considering she was actively navigating my Windows desktop at the time. After launching the Web browser on my computer to search the same Lenovo support site I could have used myself (and not finding any answers), she finally informed me that the touchpad doesn't support scrolling. Her investigation took about 20 minutes out of the 34-minute call.

I called again on a Tuesday afternoon at 3:45 p.m. ET and was connected to Kline, also in the Philippines, after 7 minutes. After she asked me for my serial number and complete contact information, I asked her about how to enable "Hey Cortana" on my computer. She had me go into the BIOS and restore default settings there. Then, she asked me to boot up my machine, look at the language selection in Windows and read her the options there. When we couldn't find the correct option there, she said, "Let me check it here," and stopped talking. After a minute and a half of silence, the hold music came on.

After I spent 5 minutes on hold, the phone rang, and a different support rep, Cherlynn, answered the phone. In a heavy accent, she said that I wasn't registered in the company's system, and asked for the same contact information and serial number I had given Kline earlier in the call. I had to explain my question to her again in detail, because she appeared to have difficulty understanding that Cortana wasn't broken for me; I just wanted to enable the assistant's "always listening" mode. After she put me on hold for another 3 minutes, she picked up again. "You mentioned earlier that you recognizes [sic] it when you're using the microphone or when you're turning it on," she said in broken English. "But sir, why don't you just set your microphone to 'always on'?"

Then, she told me that the answer to my question falls outside the hardware category and tried to convince me to "activate" premium support. I had to ask her two times for the cost; she eventually told me the price for this support is $19.99 a month, and I politely declined and ended the call, which had lasted more than 32 minutes.

Lenovo Callback Service

Lenovo really wants its users to schedule callback service online rather than directly dialing its support number and navigating through the phone tree. When you call the support number, automated messages repeatedly encourage you to hang up and schedule a call before you even get put into the queue.

After entering the serial number (which is now saved if you are logged in) and selecting "Give Me a Call" from the available options, I was presented with a brief online form, where I entered my phone number, a brief description of my issue and a callback time, which could be any day at any time or "Call Me Now." At 11 p.m. ET, I requested an immediate call, and my phone rang within a minute. An automated message informed me that I had to hold for a representative, but less than a minute later, I was connected to Joy, who was located in the Philippines.

When I asked Joy the question about changing the Function keys, she put me on hold for 2 minutes while she looked for the answer. After she picked up again, she walked me through the process of booting into the BIOS menu and getting to the configuration menu there, but unfortunately, the option to change the Function key mode was strangely missing. After a few more minutes, she concluded that my particular notebook does not support changing the Function mode, even though the Ideapad 100S is supposed to have that feature. Her answer was correct, but it would be nice if she had known it when I first asked.

Bottom Line

Though it could be a lot better, Lenovo's online support system has improved significantly from last year by adding some helpful tutorials and a useful live-chat feature. However, using the company's phone support, whether you schedule a callback or dial in, was both an exercise in frustration and a waste of time, as representatives struggled to answer our questions. In either support venue, we wish the company did a better job of storing and reusing our registration information so we don't have to give every representative we speak to all of our contact data, and so we can find more tailored results in support search.

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  • Bianca Says:

    Dont buy Lenonvo, their support and product is terrible. Display problem and mouse track pad problem in less than one year. Repair leaves me without a computer for more than 3 weeks with no customer compensation or consideration of the effects of not having a computer .

  • Ashokkumar Says:

    Worst product in india, i have purchased my lenovo. Display problem come with in 1 year,service worst and every think.

  • Craig Says:

    I have found them appallingly bad when it comes to support. Frequent hand offs, call backs don't come and staff who don't know what they are doing. I would not buy Lenovo again, even though I like some of the products, because if something goes wrong, you are in for a world of hurt and frustration. And their quality controls don't seem up to scratch, so the chance of something going wrong is high.

  • sharon abend Says:

    I like my new laptop except for sound. I can barely hear videos but I have my sound up as far as it goes and also on each video. Can you help?

  • gene james Says:

    Yes , all of your cocmments were right on the service performance of lenovo, very very frustrating and tiring and disapppointing.

    They will not call or mail for the heads up on the status of your unit, you have to call or email every now and then to know an updates regarding your unit.

    It' s a nightmare when it comes to the service provider of lenovo. It seems that they do not have a concern on the customer' s unit to repair on.an early time table than their given schedules.

    For those lookig for a laptop brand , do not include lenovo on your lists if you do not want a terrible service provider experienced.

  • Mary B-J Says:

    I'll make it brief. After three factory resets--and all the work involved in reloading programs, etc--Lenovo Service decided I needed a new mother board on my Yoga 900s, which was only 4 months old. After a month, I was notified Lenovo didn't have a motherboard for it and would "buy it back." I had no choice; I was not offered credit on a new one. I was told to send a copy of my receipt. Yesterday I got a check in the amount I paid for the computer--which cannot be replaced at anything near the refund. I was never offered an opportunity to return the peripherals, which are essentially useless to me now. Guess I'll list them on Amazon to see if someone with a 900s that isn't a lemon wants them cheap. This is my second poor experience with Lenovo service. Never again. Remember the definition of insanity?

  • Kmi21 Says:

    I totally agree, Lenovo was my worst customer support experience! I ended up finding answers by myself. I also had to put the resolution down because the window was too small since most of the software don't support such resolution. i received this as a gift and I wonder myself what is the point to keep such an expensive laptop if I can'r even use all the functionalities?

  • Robinn Says:

    I had a problem with my laptop because I had the blue screen happening and and error with my Keyboard freezing and unable to work. So I went to the lenovo website to online chat with someone and this person just kept recommending to me that I reset the pc to factory settings... No other explaination or whatever while I just said that it was an error with the video card and I needed to update it. So they were just useless so I google for 30 minutes and fixed myself how I should update the Intel card.

    I litteraly said to them The intel card is causing the issue but the update on your website wont download because it says it isn't compatible. And they had no clue just as they are reading form some basic manual. I would suggest for them to just make sure they hire people that actually know what they are doing.

  • Steve Says:

    I disagree with your Bottom Line statement. To say that Lenovo's CS could be a lot better, and it has significantly improved doesn't make sense.

  • Woon Bing Says:

    Can give the custormer service in lenovo important point

  • Santosh Sahani Says:

    My mobile brake down I want to Lenovo service center in Mumbai

  • Milton Gooden Says:

    My tablet failed me after 3 months of use. I mailed it in, they said they replaced the motherboard, it failed again 5 months later. I have been going calling support, they said a supervisor will contact me. I have waited for over a month. I have called him, left voice messages and emails. No call back. This has been the worse experience trying to get ANY product repaired . WOW It is only 8 months old. Run don't walk away from lenovo!!

  • Rahul B Says:

    Horrifying experience with Lenovo, and still struggling to receive my laptop back from repairs. No trace of my laptop going in or out. Promised deliveries never met. Laptop sent out to incorrect address. Mistakes and delays over and over. Its been a month and I can't help but wonder WHY I chose this company.

  • Absar Ahmed Says:

    Please avoide Lenovo product really ... This is low class product & no service productivity ...

  • shubham Says:

    Pathetic services and product quality. I purchased a ThinkPad W530 after reasin all positive reviews about ThinkPads but they were about IBM's ThinkPad. So i tried my luck with them but now ThinkPads were made by lenovo. I paid over $2500 for mine about 3 and half year ago and from that time I am encountering problems with it. The service being provided by the company is even worse, they will keep you waiting and won't revert. I habe incurred huge loss because of this shitty company and their arrogant representatives. NEVER buy a lenovo product!

  • G Chen Says:

    My new and expensive ThinkPad Yoga X1 stopped working about 1 month after I received it. I sent it in to Lenovo for warranty repair. Since then I am getting automated messages from Lenovo every 4-5 days that just say that repair is on hold as they have to wait for a part. There is no other information and no offer to help me deal with this computer-less period. When I call the service number that came with these notices, I have to wait for 20-30 min and then to be told by the rep that I have called the wrong number and need to call a different number. When I call the different number this happens again. Today I finally reached someone at their 'customer care' line who said that she will 'escalate' the part hold and someone will get back to me in 1-3 working days. This is now already more than 3 weeks since I shipped the broken PC to Lenovo as they instructed. I will provide an update re how this all end up.

  • Jonathan Says:

    Recently i had a problem with my laptop’s Screen because the backlights didn’t work and the screen was too dark.
    I communicate with you Lenovo support at 08/07/2016 to report the problem and at 10/07/2016 a courier came and receive my Laptop,

    After two weeks with no news i call to see if they had found the cause of the problem and when it was going to return to me repaired, I call again the same number and the guys there didn’t knew anything about when is it going to be ready, so they gave me the phone number of the service “ department/ company” and a code to call and see if they knew anything abought this matter, they didn’t give me any more details abought when the laptop will be repaired. After this I had call like 3-4 times to see if there is any news abought my laptop, there was nothing new and they told me that when it’s going to be ready they are going to inform me so I stop calling knowing that even if it doesn’t get repaired you will replaced it with a new.

    I called Lenovo suport to see if my laptop is ready the day the month was ending at 08/08/16 and I talk with a guy and he told me that as he can see there has been a month since they receive the call for support and it’s not ready so they will arrange to send me the Laptop the next day with a format (in order to go where I purchase the laptop )to replace it with a new one, the same day I had another call from the service(Service) that was telling me that the laptop is ready and they will send it to me the next day.

    I called again Lenovo support at 10/08/16 to see where is my laptop and why I don’t have it, they told me that they don’t have any news and that I should call service I call them and the laptop was still there.

    And finally today 11/08/16 my laptop came to me repaired.

    The result:
    • I stay more than a month without laptop that i need in order to work and study.
    • I run out of patience trying to find to whom I should talk with (Lenovo support or lenovo service) to solve my problem and learn more information about the repair.

    The biggest issues I faced was:

    • The lack of communication between Lenovo support and the service
    • The lack of communication between Lenovo and the customer.
    • The lack of reliability to the saying of Lenovo support(or service I don’t know).

    In conclusion I am very disappointed abought the services of Lenovo, I’m sure this isn’t false of the employees that answer the phone, it’s organization false.
    Bear in mind that we are talking abought Lenovo Greece maybe in different counties the support is better.

  • johnäthan Says:

    I recently had a problem with my Lenovo desktop computer, which started turning itself on spontaneously. Over about three months, I spoke to at least ten people on their helpline, and lost count of the emails exchanged, while they dithered and bungled.
    They insisted on my sending the machine to Sydney three times to be serviced, each time just restoring it to factory settings, which I could have done myself. It played havoc with my life and my business. Also, each time, I had to reinstall all of my software, a lengthy and stressful process. They told me that I should not have upgraded to Windows 10 and on the third return, they installed a new hard disk and Windows 10, but didn't activate it. When I called about this, they couldn't activate W10 over the phone, and told me to send the machine back to Sydney a fourth time, but I refused, insisting on a refund or a new machine. They dithered for ages, unable to make a decision, while escalating the issue to what they called "people who could make things happen. Finally, they agreed to replace the machine, but after a week or two, told me I'd have to wait weeks for a new one. In complete turmoil, I called the retailer, Harvey Norman, who replaced he machine on the same day. If it wasn't for Harvey Norman, the saga would probably still be continuing.

  • Sarah Says:

    I purchased a lemon from Lenovo. I decided to purchase premium support to help me. They have never resolved a problem with my computer competantly. Their solution was to reformat my computer to solve the most minute glitches for the first two times I called in for help. I ended up figuring it out for myself, taking less time to go on comment boards to fix problems. I decided to cancel my service, which is when things really got bad. I was told that they could not cancel the service without a call back from a "customer retention" agent. I said that as OK. I never got the call. Three months later (so I am bad with monitoring my credit card) I realized that I was still paying for the service. I called to cancel again and wanted it to be backdated to the original call. I went from the initial person, to her supervisor, to being on hold with that person's supervisor. I ended up having to agree to getting a call back, to resolve the issue. I never got a call back. I called back in, and again they were unable to resolve the problem. I am not one to be unsatisfied with a product or be difficult, but this is beyond unsatisfactory. My issue is still unresolved. I would warn everyone out there to avoid purchasing premium support because they do not resolve issues, and it is not easy to cancel the service. I am out on my own to deal with my lemon of a computer. I will figure it out, much faster than the "tech support".

  • Harichlea Says:

    I purchased my Lenovo Y70-70 Touch less than a year ago. About a month after I purchased it, the monitor started flickering and showing lines. I took it to the place I bought it and they told me the monitor was defective and I should have it replaced [mind you, this is a $1,8000 laptop]. I called Lenovo Tech service, they asked me to send it to their Service Ctr. in Kentucky to have the monitor replaced. They sent it back seven days later...with THE WRONG MONITOR!!!! One of the reasons this laptop costs so is because it had a touchscreen but their INEPT technicians replaced the DEFECTIVE original with a non touchscreen monitor!!! One would think their own technicians should have access to the correct replacement parts, right???
    WRONG!!! So, not only they sold me a defective product but they weren't even able to replace the defective part with the correct one! That is the epitome of INEPTITUDE!!

  • James P Says:

    Lenovo hardware and software support are but a shell of what they were when IBM ran the show. My first system from them was an IBM T40, a great computer. While under warranty, the USB ports stopped working. I contacted IBM on December 27th, I received a pre-paid shipping on December 28th, shipped it out on the 29th, and received it back from them on January 2nd. They replaced the main board and went beyond expectations by replacing some of the plastic parts of the case that had minor cracks, and their testing revealed issues with the hard drive (I hadn’t noticed any), so the replaced that also, with every bit of my data was copied to the new drive.

    Onto Lenovo: I sent in a T400 for warranty repair. They replaced the palm rest and the bottom housing (without removing and reinstalling the Win 7 Pro COA sticker). The palm rest they installed was the wrong one, and the system was returned to me with a piece of tape holding the hard drive cover on, and the original problem still wasn’t resolved. I needed to return it two more times before my system was in acceptable condition. A few months later, with the warranty expired, the hard drive died. I installed a 500 GB SSD and reloaded Win 7 from the back-up disks I created on the day I received the system. I didn’t realize that the Windows COA number is not restored from this backup (unfortunately I didn’t realize this is something that should be recorded for safe-keeping), and began receiving messages stating that Windows was invalid. I contacted Lenovo, and was repeatedly shuffled back and forth between the hardware and software areas. I finally agreed to purchase a set of Win 7 Pro installation disks from them for $70.00, which they assured me would resolve this issue. It didn’t, and when I tried to return them for a refund, they refused, stating I didn’t call their tech support for assistance. I then had some health issues that precluded following through with this further. I finally bought a COA off of eBay for $50.00, and now everything is fine.

    Despite the problems, I’ve gotten 6+ years out of the T40 and T400, which have been carried back and forth to work every day. They’ve been my primary computers, so I must admit I’ve gotten good service from them. But the Lenovo factory service center returning a system with tape holding the drive cover on??? I can’t believe I’m actually looking at Lenovo T450s right now to replace the T400.

  • Niki C Says:

    I called technical support at this 844-316-2219 when my computer showed an error message & i couldn't leave the page nor shutdown my computer. A guy w/a thick indian accent attempted to diagnose the problem. He then accessed my computer & scanned it - showing me foreign & local errors/established to my computer. He then couldnt service my problem & transfered me to a 3rd level repair person. He scanned and showed at that point 71 errors & counting, when he told me fixing prices of $199.99 to $399.99. I asked again thst he was a tech for Lenovo & he said yes & other major companies. I told him i think he was a pop-up that caused my problem. When i declined to purchase he told me he'd have to call the FBI, i told him i was going to the police & hung up. I tried looking up numbers for lenovo & still havent gotten a valid number. I called my bank to freeze my account til further notice.

  • Arvind pathak Says:

    i think this Lenovo company not do work properly any body tell me how can i can extend warranty of my laptop

  • Arvind pathak Says:

    i think this Lenovo company not do work properly any body tell me how can i can extend warranty of my laptop

  • arvind pathak Says:

    I want two or three years warrenty of my laptop plz tell me

  • Pooja Says:

    Worst customer service. The chat agent walk off in the middle of chat because they are not knowledgeable about the product. Worst refund policy even if my lenovo product is not working since the day I bought. The telephone customer agent will disconnect the call when I was not agree with them. Useless service and worthless product

  • Angelo Torrissi Says:

    It's too bad you only tried consumer Lenovo support. The Think products for business have a completely separate support division. Consumer support is in another country. ThinkPad/ThinkCentre/ThinkStation support is in Atlanta, GA. Different levels of support.

  • Denzil Says:

    I have a Lenovo laptop it keep telling me that I have to update my system software, then i go in there to update press launch ,but it did not install.status:out of date last up
    and lastupdate not available

  • nadia guarino Says:

    I have lenovo thinkpad x61 i cant open windows 7 i need the password of Windows 7

  • Moshe Says:

    I bought Lenovo Premium Support deal - 2 years for 300.00 because I was having a terrible time on my Y50 4K laptop. After 40 minute wait on hold, I finally reached a man in India who to the way to fix my laptop was to restore to the factory settings. Never tried a thing to fix the problem. I could do that for free. No expertise, not even an effort. When I was unable to use the one-touch button to restore the laptop mailed one a recovery disc to me. After we ng up, I noticed that there was a one touch recovery program on the laptop that worked fine to restore my laptop. I calld back to ask to refund my 300.00 dollars and they wanted to charge me 70.00 usd for te disc. I talked them down to 40.00 and could not get him to budge past that. Bad service, terrible refund policy and I swear the guy was reading from a script that said, listen to them until they un out of steam then restore the computer to the factory settings. Terrible.

  • kimosey Says:

    I have been waiting a month for Lenovo to fix my Yoga that won't even turn on. I have spoke with multiple representatives. I have never been so poorly spoken to. They are rude and inconsiderate. Only order if you can fix your own computer.

  • kelvin Says:

    hae i have a problem with my laptop where its not displaying antying its just starting and off no display at all... please help me how to repair this mess

  • Mark Zabb Says:

    Incredibly frustrating customer service experience. I had purchased the accident protection plan for a Yoga 900 and my screen cracked. Setting up the return took an unnecessarily long time on the phone (close to an hour) but otherwise went fairly smoothly. They promised that it would be returned within 7 business day. 12 business days later (after hearing nothing from them) I called. This time I waited at least 45 minutes before speaking to anyone and when I finally did, it took another 10 minutes for him to explain that the part was unavailable and there was no time frame for when it would be ready; so they were holding my computer indefinitely!! I pressed to speak to a manager and (after another 10 minutes or so) the technician told me that one would be able to call me back within THREE DAYS??!! When I did eventually get the call days later, there was lots of apologizing but absolutely no useful info about when my computer might get repaired. This process has been absurd and I still don't have my computer back.

  • Stephanie Pedrotti Says:

    Absolutely the worst customer service ever. Bought a Flex 3 for my daughter for Christmas 2015 for college use. When I tried to register warranty they said it was registered to someone else. That should have been my first clue this was a returned lemon that I purchased. Computer started to freeze up within 1 month. By the time she came home for Easter break it was freezing every 30 min. Totally useless for her classes. I purchased a 2Y In-Home next business day extended warranty. Talked to Lenovo in the US they wouldn't do a thing for me as it was purchased at Best Buy. If I had purchased it through them they would help. Therefore I was transferred to the Phillipines where after there diagnostic tests it was the hard drive failing after 3 months! They refused to honor the warranty about getting a tech to my daughters site the next day or getting her a new computer. This is stated in the warranty I purchased. They refused! The US Lenovo customer service again refused to intervene as the computer itself was purchased through Best Buy. The extended warranty was purchased through Lenovo. Still waiting for phone call from Phillipines. No tech. No part. No Service. Never again will I purchase a Lenovo!

  • Kemi Ola Says:

    I have a broken screen, I wanna know how much a Lenovo g410s touch screen repair is

  • Ertan Yilmaz Says:

    Lenovo is the worst customer service company I ever dealt with. We ordered the Laptop online, took 4 months to get delivered instead their 4 weeks commitment. We had a major issue recently with the laptop. I have been dealing with them to resolve the issue last three (3) months. Still I cannot use my laptop.

  • claude boucher Says:

    get a window pop up that tell me enternet explorer stop working could you help me out

  • nogo16 Says:

    Thinkpad purchase.In 1 year,it has "blown up "with issues 3 times! Pre sold software was missing, motherboard replaced, boots into black screen that Windows can't repair. Like the author, I found using phone support ineffective, and VERY aggravating. They wanted me to pay premium support to install my missing software that was supposed to be imaged for my configuration!Clearly,when Lenovo support's under skilled, they default to forcing customers to PAY for a senior tier support;unacceptable. Chat spent 30 minutes only to be told to CALL tech.support. When I sent my Thinkpad in for repair, they returned it damaged.

  • vamsi Says:

    I have lost my drivers so...i am unable to get them how could i get them back

  • annie Says:

    video card as I work graphics lg files which is good for working.

  • David Says:

    They wanted me to pay for premium support $199 for me to download the Dragon Assistant software after I accidentally deleted it. (It came pre-installed.)

    Also the $17.95 that Brittany mentioned in her post is a _monthly_ charge with a year contract. Otherwise I was willing to do it as a one time fee. But no, it's a contract with a cancellation penalty.

    Doubt I will buy Lenovo again since you can't reinstall the preloaded software.

  • Kiara Says:

    I buyed lenovo laptop a few months ago. Everytime I try and turn off my Lenovo G5080 Laptop, it will say shutting down and the screen will go black but the power button light will never go off. Also, if I leave it sitting and it falls asleep it won't actually hibernate and I will have to hold the power button to turn it off all the way and then turn it back on. What to do?

  • Brittany Kalisek Says:

    Didn't help me at all. Said they could help and charge me a one time fee of $17.95. I'm like no, I'll decline. I just wanted to ask if my computer is compatible with an external DVD drive, and he said you can talk to my engineers if you pay the $17.95. I was like, no thanks, I'm a college student, and I've already forked out $750 for the computer... You'd think you could get some customer service.

  • Patel Says:

    Lenovo is very bad in Laptop and servicing so kindly requesting all never buy Lenovo product and in laptop 'G' series is very bad. I suggest to Lenovo please stop to selling of Lenovo 'G' series laptop and if possible please collect all laptop back from users and markets.

  • C Andr Says:

    Had a positive experience and now a negative experience:
    Current laptop has been with the service center for a month due to parts. The at home service guy super glued a part together that is why its back at the service call. Each time they tell me someone will call me back in 3 days and no call is ever received. Poor poor service period

  • nilesh Says:

    Your Service is very very evry very 3rd class

  • what Says:

    >In a thick Southern accent....

    What does the person's accent have to do with them or their following their company's policy? Author is clearly racist against southerns.

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