Kids Tablets to Buy (or Avoid)

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Tablets are great for keeping children entertained for hours, but you can't simply hand your new iPad off to Junior and hope for the best. If not monitored properly, your little one could accidentally skyrocket your iTunes bill, or stumble upon a minefield of inappropriate online content. Fortunately, there are tons of kid-friendly tablets on the market that offer robust parental controls, age-appropriate apps and oftentimes a durable rubber frame that will survive your toddler's slippery hands.

Some kids tablets offer the type of premium performance that mom and dad have come to expect, while others are best left in timeout. After playing with just about every children's slate out there, here are the ones you should buy and avoid.

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  • MissEm Says:

    Not very helpful, considering, I don't even have a $300 tablet, let alone buy one that expensive for my child! How about something in the $100 range? What's a real pain in butt, is they do not you wether you can use a wifi hotspot, bc if you take your tablet out of the home, which is when we use ours the most, is that the kid tablets are preprogrammed and you can'taccess tthe permission page, and if u can't access the permission page, you can not access your wifi outside of your own home, so it'sbasically no use to us, bc he rarely uses it at home

  • JUNIOR Says:

    What about the leapfrog EPIC 7.. You missed that 1.. I heard it was great but its not on this list..

  • Melissa Kennedy Says:

    I don't have children but I would like to get my niece a tablet for Christmas. She is 12 at the moment. My problem is that a lot of the tablets for kids are pictured with very young children. Are they good for older children or will she think it's for babies?

  • JoanL Says:

    Pretty unhelpful article, at least for my needs. I'm looking for something for my 11 year old granddaughter. She wants to design on a pad and needs word processing help as well.

  • Nikki Says:

    Looking for an inexpensive tablet for my 3 year old, something for him to have fun & learn. All you pushed were expensive tablets & their hd display, web browsers? Not helpful at all, sorry.

  • Amanda Says:

    I was looking for advice on a tablet that I could "child proof" for an older kid. This article did not answer that question at all.

  • Andrea Says:

    No Mention made of the Leap Frog 2 tablets.What is your opinion for a 5 year old?

  • MaryHS Says:

    This article needed to mention word-processing abilities. My 4th grader's teacher has them composing on a computer so it doubles as typing practice. But there's no computer at after-care.
    Which of these actually lets kids WORK?

  • W. A. L. Says:

    Amazon fire HD kids review inaccurate. The $99 version is NOT the HD version at all the 7 inch kids fire HD is different in many aspects so not sure which was reviewed

  • Tablet 4 Kids Says:

    What an interesting advice. will definitely refer to this in the future

  • Elisabeth Says:

    my 4 and 6 y/o grandkids play on our phones all the time or Mario on Wii. can they play anything that interesting on the new kindle fire? I can not figure this out. am 71 and not tech savy. any help would be appreciated. thanks

  • Denise Says:

    I'm sorry but I'm a bit confused. At the top you say you wouldn't want to hand your IPad to your child and hope for the best but yet the ones you suggest to buy are the expensive tablets I wouldn't hand over and why is it all the kids tablets on here are listed as avoid?

  • Michael Says:

    My son was very indifferent about the tablet we got for him. He ended up continuing to ask to play on mine and my wife's phones. We ended up getting him his own and that worked out really well for him. is a good place to get one.

  • lulu Says:

    No mention of the beast the Nexus 7? Better than all of these and for way less.

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