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So, since it's time to send your kid back to school, but you're worried that his or her tablet might break along the way (school is crazier than you imagine). Our best advice? Give your child's tablet a protective case that shields it from the drops that it will inevitably take, so its screen doesn't smash against the floor, creating trouble for everyone.

If you're an Amazon household, your choice is simple: Amazon Fire tablets slide right into the FreeTime Kid-Proof Case. Opted for an Apple slate? We've found plenty of cases to guard Apple's latest iPad, which starts at $329. Looking for a new (but still affordable) tablet? We've got an Amazon Fire 7 vs Walmart Onn face-off that decides the king of the low-end tablet market. If you're more about iOS, our iPad Air vs iPad mini face-off is a battle that's won by a tiny margin.

Oh, and one last tip: pick a case that matches your kid's personality, so you'll be less likely to find the case lying on the floor after your child decided it wasn't necessary.   

Amazon Kid-Proof Case for Fire 7 tablet (9th. Gen 2019)

If you decided to buy the $50 Fire 7 tablet instead of the Kids Edition model, you can still get a case made just for your new slate. As its name implies, Amazon's own FreeTime Kid-Proof Case is designed with little hands in mind, made of a durable silicone for protection from bumps and bruises. This 2019 edition of the case offers a long-needed improvement: a stand on the back for watching shows hands-free. If you bought your Fire tablet before June 2019, you should buy the matching case for your 7th (2017)  6th (2016) or 5th (2015) generation Fire. Amazon also sells a Kid-Proof Case ($29) for its HD 8 Fire tablet.

Fintie 9.7-inch iPad Case

One way to make it a little easier for your child to hold on to a tablet is to invest in a case with a handle. The Fintie Case comes with just that — an easy-to-grab handle — and the Fintie can also be used as a stand. This cover is composed of a heavy-duty EVA foam to endure wear and tear over time. It fits Apple's most recent $329 iPad, as well as the 2017 9.7-inch iPad, the iPad Air 2 and iPad Air. 

Speck Products iGuy

While we wait to find out more about the Speck Case-E, it's iGuy iPad case is still in stock at Amazon. Fitting the iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, and original iPad, this tried and true case stands upright for kids who don't want to hold it while they watch shows, and is made of a soft foam that's great for gripping. 

Speck Case-E (9.7-inch)

Speck's Case-E tablet case is the most inventive take on the kids tablet case we've seen in a while. Fitting most 9.7-inch iPads (including the iPad, iPad Pro and iPad Air), this tablet has two extendable arms that you can use to wrap it around a car seat's neck, and prop it up as a stand.

TFY Kids Car Headrest Mount Holder

If your kid keeps throwing or dropping their tablet in the car, you'll probably see this headrest-mounted tablet holder and wonder "where this been all my life?" It's also useful if you've got more than one tyke in the backseat, because now they can't argue over who gets to use it, and they'll just have to watch the same show together. Holds most 9.7-inch tablets, including the iPad 2, 3, and 4.

NuPro Zipper Sleeve for Fire Kids Tablets

But what if your kid already has a tablet case, or — just as likely — doesn't want one. This soft tablet sleeve, built for Amazon's Fire Kids 7 and Fire Kids HD 8 tablets, is roomy for a slate clad with a protective bumper. Available in purple with pink or navy with blue.

CHINFAI iPad mini Case for Kids for Apple iPad mini to iPad mini 4

We don't know whose idea it was to make an iPad mini case that looks like the Android mascot ate an iPad, but we love it. Its blocky feet allow it to stand outright, without using an easel-leg to prop it up. Made of a soft silicon that will make it great to grip and easy to care for.

Okstation EVA Drop-Proof iPad Mini Case for Baby

Amazon's Fire 7 cases are nice, but we like the look of this honeycomb-patterned case from Fintie. It offers a little extra visual flair vs the Amazon case, and is $15 less expensive, at $9.99. Your kid can find one the precise color of their preference, as it's sold in 12 colors, including two shades of pink, two shades of blue, two yellows, black and green.

Belkin Lego Builder Case for iPad mini

What kid (and what adult, really?) doesn't love Legos? Made by Belkin, the Lego Builder Case for the iPad mini (1, 2 or 3) protects the tablet from bumps and bruises. Plus, the case has an official blue Lego back plate your child can use to build cool things. Choose from yellow, red or green shells.

TopEsct iPad Mini Case for Kids

The iPad Mini tablet becomes both easier to hold and mount in a car with this case. Available in blue, green, blue and pink, it's got three handles, so it can be held for landscape-mode content viewing and also carried in one hand like a tiny briefcase. 

Logitech Big Bang

Cute cases are great, but you also need protection. The Big Bang case from Logitech maintains a kid-friendly weight and a slim design but still offers impact protection for falls from up to 4.6 feet. That's thanks to the shock-absorbent material that lines the edges and the screen cover. It's helpful that the liner, which activates the iPad Air's sleep/wake function, is wipeable for the inevitable spill.

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