Kids Tablets to Buy (or Avoid)

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Tablets are great for keeping children entertained for hours, but you can't simply hand your new iPad Air 2 off to Junior and hope for the best. If not monitored properly, your little one could accidentally skyrocket your iTunes bill, or stumble upon a minefield of inappropriate online content. Fortunately, there are tons of kid-friendly tablets on the market that offer robust parental controls, age-appropriate apps and oftentimes a durable rubber frame that will survive your toddler's slippery hands.

Some kids tablets offer the type of premium performance that mom and dad have come to expect, while others are best left in timeout. After playing with just about every children's slate out there, here are the ones you should buy and avoid.

Apple iPad mini 2 (BUY)

Why splurge on the $399 iPad mini 4, when you can pick up the mini 2 for just $269? Given that the only real differences between the two are the gold color option and the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, that's a great price. Otherwise, your little one will be able to enjoy the same robust app and game selection; sharp Retina display; and long battery life. You can put the extra dough you’ll save toward content and a sturdy case.

Amazon Fire HD 7 (BUY)

Amazon's Fire HD 7 is an overall excellent tablet that just happens to be well suited for your little one. The slate's crisp display and long battery life allow the HD 7 to entertain your child for hours at a time, while Amazon's renowned FreeTime controls let you determine just how many hours they spend glued to the device. With vibrant color options and a low $140 price tag, the Fire HD 7 makes a great fit for anyone in the family.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (BUY)

If you want to treat your little one to one of the most jaw-dropping tablet displays on the market, Samsung's Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is worth a look. This tablet's 8.4-inch, 2560 x 1600-pixel display is ideal for cozy movie nights, and the slate's robust Kids' Mode ensures that all content your child gets his or her hands on is age appropriate. The Tab S 8.4 can run you up to $400, but its premium price brings with it one of the best screens on any tablet. 

Fuhu Nabi DreamTab (AVOID)

Fuhu typically delivers some of the best kids' tablets on the market, but its new Fuhu Nabi DreamTab needs a bit of refinement before it's ready for your youngster. While the Dreamworks-themed DreamTab sports the robust parental controls, fast performance and kid-safe design Fuhu is known for, the tablet has a disappointingly short battery life (less than 6 hours) and is cluttered with too many apps that do the same thing. Unless your kid absolutely swears by characters like Shrek and Kung-Fu Panda, you're better off sticking with Fuhu's more solid Nabi 2. 

Polaroid Kids Tablet 2 (AVOID)

The Polaroid Kids Tablet 2 is an inexpensive kid-friendly slate with lots of content, but your youngsters can do better. While it features a bright, intuitive interface, as well as apps and books from the likes of Disney and Marvel, the experience is hampered by a short, 4.5-hour battery life and a limited version of Android that blocks out the Google Play store. 


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Kids (AVOID)

Samsung's $200 Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Kids tablet has all the makings of a solid children's slate, but the competition simply does things better. While the tablet's colorful design and equally colorful interface will catch Junior's eye, the device's sub-HD display and lack of a kid-friendly browser are a bit disappointing. If you're seeking something equally colorful inside and out, you're better off with the Amazon Fire HD 6 Kids' Edition.


IdeaPlay Tablet (AVOID)

The IdeaPlay Tablet is a slate that's less of a gift for your kids and more of a punishment. It offers terrible battery life, at just longer than 4 hours, and the 7-inch display is dim with a very low 800 x 400-pixel resolution. Plus, the IdeaPlay offers a poor content selection, making this one kids tablet you should definitely avoid.

Kurio 10s (AVOID)

Kurio's 10s offers a host of preloaded apps and content, robust parental controls and excellent Kurio software. Sadly, this slate is held back by its below-average 6:41 of battery life, sluggish performance and heavy 2-pound chassis. The slate's smudgy screen doesn't do it any favors, either. 

Amazon Fire Kids Edition (New and Notable)


Amazon's new Fire HD Kids Edition bundles the 7-inch slate, a new protective bumper and a year's subscription to Amazon's FreeTime Unlimited for just $99. FreeTime Unlimited gives you more than 10,000 books, videos, educational apps and games curated for children. Plus, a two-year guarantee promises to replace your Fire HD if your child destroys it. The new tablet's quad-core processor should offer speedy performance sure to cause less whining.

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  • Denise Says:

    I'm sorry but I'm a bit confused. At the top you say you wouldn't want to hand your IPad to your child and hope for the best but yet the ones you suggest to buy are the expensive tablets I wouldn't hand over and why is it all the kids tablets on here are listed as avoid?

  • Michael Says:

    My son was very indifferent about the tablet we got for him. He ended up continuing to ask to play on mine and my wife's phones. We ended up getting him his own and that worked out really well for him. is a good place to get one.

  • lulu Says:

    No mention of the beast the Nexus 7? Better than all of these and for way less.