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Alert! Xbox Series X consoles expected to be in stock at Target soon

Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Future)

Another day, another next-gen console restock. Target is expected to have more Xbox Series X consoles in stock sometime during the week of January 24, according to a leaked ad-flyer image.

As seen on forums of deals website Slickdeals, a Target ad-flyer shows an Xbox Series X available for next week's stock, with the console being sold for online purchases only.

Target has yet to officially announce its restock, but if you're yearning to finally get your hands on an Xbox Series X before scalpers do, then it's best to keep refreshing Target's webpage next week. 

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Next-gen consoles including the PS5, Xbox Series X and Series S have seen a few more restocks at different retailers, including GameStop and Walmart, giving people more chances to nab a next-gen console before the scalpers swoop in.

Unfortunately, there are no security measures in place to stop scalpers from buying out all stocks. These constant restocks are expected to continue as well, with Microsoft even saying that supply shortages could go on until April 2021.

It's a waiting game at this point. However, for those who can't wait and need some form of next-gen entertainment, the Nvidia Shield TV now lets users connect PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers via Bluetooth, meaning they can play the latest PC games using GeForce Now.  

In the meantime, Target may just be your saving grace to nab an Xbox Series X