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How to connect PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers with Nvidia Shield TV

DualSense PS5 Geoff Keighley Hands On
(Image credit: Geoff Keighley)

Own Nvidia's Shield TV and a couple of PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers? You're in luck, as Nvidia has updated its Android TV software to work with next-gen controllers.  

This means both controllers can be used to play Android games and titles available on Nvidia's own game streaming service, GeForce Now, on a Shield TV or Shield TV Pro device. Better yet, it's simple to connect both the controllers. 

The Nvidia Shield TV update can pair the PS5 controller and Xbox Series X controller via Bluetooth. Navigate to the Bluetooth section of the Nvidia Shield TV, and to pair a PS5 controller, press down on the PlayStation home button until a blue light flashes.

As for a Xbox Series X or Series S controller, press down on the pairing button until the Xbox button starts flashing. The devices should show up on the TV. Presto, next-gen controller support is in full effect.

Unfortunately, this doesn't mean users will be getting the same affects such as the DualSense's rightfully hyped up haptic feedback, or even the adaptive triggers. Regardless, to be able to high-end PC games through the Nvidia GeForce Now with next-gen controllers is a huge plus,

For those who still can't get their hands on a PS5 console, or even the Xbox Series X or Series S, but have the controllers (out of sheer anticipation) Nvidia's latest Shield TV update will certainly offer a tease.