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How to Make Word 2016 Show All Changes Inline

One of Microsoft Word's most useful features is its ability to track changes when someone edits your document. Annoyingly, Word 2016 tracks those changes but does not actually show all of them by default. So, if someone has erased a word or added a new phrase, you can accept those changes but you can't view them beforehand, unless you tweak one setting.

Here's how to get Word 2016 to show changes.

1. Open a document in Word if one is not already open; it can be a blank one.

2. Click the Review Tab.

3. Select "All Markup" from the pulldown menu that's to the right of the Track Changes button. It shows "Simple Markup" by default.

The changes your editor made will now appear inline in different colors.

Right-click each potential change to accept or reject it.

Accept or reject all changes by using the Accept or Reject buttons in the ribbon and selecting the "Accept all" or "Reject all" options.

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