How to Select All Text with Similar Formatting in Microsoft Word

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Finished your Word document but now changed your mind about how the entire thing is formatted? One nifty Word feature can help you adjust multiple parts of your document in just a few clicks. You'll save time by selecting all the text with similar formatting so you can tweak them all at once.

This comes in handy when you want to change all the headings to a different style, make all the footnotes a different font size, or switch all the text that's in Calibri 11 pt. to Georgia 10 pt. The feature works in Word 2016 and earlier.

1. Select some text in your document that represents the formatting you want to change. It could be just one word.

select text

2. On the Home tab, click the Editing group button > Select > Select All Text With Similar Formatting. 

select text similar format3. Apply a different style or change the formatting for the selected text.

same format


same format2