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Apple iPod nano Review

Our Verdict

The iPod nano is still the king of ultra-slim MP3 players.


  • Slim and sturdy
  • Very good sound quality
  • Simple controls and navigation
  • Seamless software integration


  • Lacks FM radio
  • No video playback

Apple's second-generation iPod nano represents the state of the art in MP3 player design, with an ultraslim metal body and the most intuitive interface in the business. It lacks extras like a built-in FM radio, voice recorder, and video support, but its seamless integration with iTunes and sheer simplicity make it a perennial champ. It doesn't hurt that you can add on plenty of features via a sea of optional accessories like the Apple Radio Remote and the Belkin TuneTalk Stereo.

Two of the nano's biggest bonuses are its digital output (via the dock connector) and its support for formats like AAC and Apple Lossless in addition to WAV and MP3, though it doesn't do WMA. The LCD screen is sharp and reasonably bright, but colors aren't as vivid as they could be. We'd like to see Apple include a customizable EQ, but the nano is still the flash MP3 player to beat.Suggested Stories:Top Five Flash MP3 Players

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Tech Specs

Audio FormatsWAV, MP3, AAC
Battery Typerechargable
FM RadioNo
FM RecordingNo
Memory Capacity8GB
Memory TypeFlash
PC InterfaceUSB
Size.56 x 1.63 x 3.5 inches
Voice RecordingNo
Weight1.41 ounces