Nintendo Switch OLED deal ahead of Black Friday gets you a $75 gift card

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Despite releasing over two years ago, the Nintendo Switch OLED model seems to rarely go on sale. It's a popular console that people continue to eagerly pay full price for, so this Switch OLED Black Friday deal that gets you a $75 Dell gift card is quite the steal.

You'll still have to pay full price on the Switch OLED console itself, but that $75 gift card can buy a nice present for you or someone special from the Dell website. You could spend it on a Switch game, a monitor, or a pair of headphones—and many of these items are also on sale for Black Friday right now.

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Nintendo Switch OLED gift card deal

Nintendo Switch OLED Gift Card Deal
Buy: $349 @ Dell

Nintendo Switch OLED Gift Card Deal
$349 @ Dell
Get the Nintendo Switch OLED for $349 through Dell, and you'll get a $75 Dell gift card emailed to you shortly after purchase.

Features: Vibrant 7-inch 1280 x 720 OLED display, 64GB of storage, microSD card support for extra storage, dock with wired LAN port for TV mode, and enhanced audio. With this deal, you'll receive a $75 Dell gift card by email within 20 days after your purchase that you can use within 90 days past its issue date.

Release date: Oct. 8, 2021.

Price history: This is the first time Dell has offered a $75 gift card to customers buying a Nintendo Switch OLED.

Price check: Best Buy $349 | Walmart $299 | Amazon $348

Reviews: Most reviewers give high praise to the Nintendo Switch OLED's gorgeous screen with vibrant colors and rich blacks. Aside from the display, reviews mention enhanced audio and an improved kickstand, but most of the original Switch's features and internal specs remain the same.

Laptop Mag: ★★ | Tom's Guide: ★★  | TechRadar: ★★

Buy it if: You don't own a Nintendo Switch at all and you want to start playing all the fantastic Nintendo exclusive games for the Switch. Or, if you have an original Switch and you're ready to make the jump to an upgraded OLED display, this is a great deal. Playing games on an OLED screen with incredibly vivid colors and deep blacks is an experience like no other.

Don't Buy it if: You already own a Nintendo Switch, and you don't play it enough to warrant an upgraded display or you're content with the display on the original console. It's also worth checking out other early Black Friday deals through Dell to make sure there's something you'd want to buy with the $75 gift card.